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Million Dollar Sales, Part Three: Where Are They Now?

By James Iles, Feb 13, 2017
  1. Welcome to the third installment of our “Where Are They Now?” series. We’re taking a look at every single seven figure domain name sale that has been publicly revealed to see what those names are being used for today. In this edition, we’re looking at the domain names through to Part one and part two are still available on the NamePros Blog. - $1,525,000 - 2009

    This domain was owned by, and was sold via Afternic in 2009. At the time of the sale, the domain was redirecting to StubHub, but according to available reports, a company called Braganza has owned the name, although it’s possible they could have acquired the domain from the original buyers in 2010. The domain now forwards to, a Swedish site that allows users to search for cheap holidays online. is owned and developed by an Internet division of Major League Baseball. - $1.5 million - 2006

    This is another seven figure domain that was sold at auction, this time at the TRAFFIC East Conference in Florida, in 2006. According to DNJournal, the domain was acquired by Sig Solares, former CEO of the domain parking service. Aside from being briefly developed in 2015, it looks as thought this name has always been parked. It’s now owned by the company that owns, a domain we visited earlier in this article.

    money.jpg - $1.5 million - 2007

    How much would you pay for an exact match domain? Tandberg Data ASA of Norway acquiesced to the sale of their domain name after being offered $1.5 million by Tandberg ASA, another Norweigen company that made video conferencing hardware. Tandberg used the domain until 2009, when the company was bought by Cisco for $3 billion. The name now forwards to - $1.5 million - 2009

    Country .COM domain sales are relatively rare, with many such as, or being used by local governments or tourist organisations. It’s no surprise then, that commanded such a high price tag. The domain was sold through Sedo, and currently displays an informational site about Russia. The current owner is unknown. - $1,368,000 - 2016

    This is an interesting one. In November 2016, this domain charted as being sold by Rick Schwartz. However, in January 2017, Ron Jackson of DNJournal wrote an update explaining that the sale hadn't gone through, which is a very rare occurrence for DNJournal listed sales. According to the update, terms had not been met, so the domain name was transferred back to Rick.'s WHOIS history tool, the domain transferred back to Rick's possession on January 6th, 2017. - $1,350,000 - 2013

    Yet another Rick Schwartz sale. Hand registered by Rick in 1996, the domain was sold in 2013 after Rick received a $50,000 offer, and managed to negotiate up to $1.35 million. The domain currently displays a Chinese website for a company developing games. - $1,261,000 - 2014 was originally home to a service that aggregated social media data. After closing in 2011, the name was put up for sale in a couple of unsuccessful auctions. In 2014, George Kirikos found data to suggest that the domain had sold for $1,261,000. The buyer was Power Integrations, Inc who previously used Now, the domain hosts Power Intergrations’ main website. - $1.25 million - 2007

    In 2007, Software-as-a-Service company Innuity Inc agreed to sell the domain name and “Vista” trademark to Vistaprint, a leading provider of marketing products to small businesses. At the time, Innuity CEO John Wall said: “The sale of the domain name and VISTA trademark represents a win-win for both Innuity and VistaPrint”. Nine years later, the name is forwarding to Vistaprint’s main website.


    Please note that we haven't included the recent sale of in our list. Although the sale was confirmed to be $1.5 million, it involves a payment plan that means it wasn't charted on DNJournal.

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  9. wasn't confirmed in DNJournal. Neither was was, and features in an earlier part. Same with I found evidence to suggest it was a $10m sale (or thereabouts) but never confirmed.
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