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Epik withheld $1.5 million dollars in Masterbucks, says domain investor; Someone trademarked a term after investor acquired the matching domain name; Is domain parking revenue down up to 60% this year? Random domain sale is good news; What is the value, if any, of the domain name

Epik/Masterbucks stole us US$1.5M
Domain Empire's founder has documented his company's loss of $1.5 million dollars' worth of Masterbucks, the token used by Epik in place of Fiat money. When Epik stopped allowing users to convert their Masterbucks into USD, all hell broke loose. Read about what Domain Empire did and what they plan to do next.

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Domain ownership then someone else trademarked
Two year ago, a domain investor acquired a domain name; at the time, there was no active trademark for the keyword. They are concerned about any possible issues that may arise, as someone went ahead and registered the trademark. Find out what others, including IP attorney, John Berryhill, think of the matter.

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Domain Parking drop 30-60% for everyone this year?
This year doesn't look good for PPC earnings, according to a domain investor who has seen his earnings plummet up to 60%. Is this sentiment shared with other domainers, or is it an isolated incident? Join in and share your own experience.

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Someone randomly bought my domain
It's great news for a domain investor, whose investment in an obscure keyword domain paid off: Someone just spent $2,200 acquiring it. Is this type of experience common, or just a lucky strike? Share your own experience.

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What is the value of
Taken in over 260 TLDs, the domain appears to be valuable, right? Not so fast. This obvious trademark violation is most definitely a common mistake newbie domainers make. Find out what others say about this domain's value and avoid similar pitfalls when registering domains.

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