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Domain Name Sales 2015-2019 - Part 1: Volume

By Bob Hawkes, Jan 15, 2020
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    Great report as usual @Bob Hawkes I really appreciate the info and your effort.

    One point I'm wondering about...

    To me if you remove voice dot com from the 2019 total, it begs the question would it make any difference in the results to drop the top sale for each of the other years? It may not because it was so large, but I'm just curious.
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    thanks for posting such an in depth analysis with graphs. really helpful to understand how the trends across different TLDs are recorded. Voice domain sale exclusion and inclusion was also helpful. Waiting for your next post!
  3. Bob Hawkes

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    Excellent point.

    I did not work out the numbers, but the voice sale is a much higher factor than any one sale in the other years of the most recent five years. The top few sales always account for a chunk of the volume, and influence the average price, but $30 million was really a big step.

    If I looked at 2018 .com sales only and took out the highest value sale the average price would change by $50, from $1259 to $1209.

    BTW these are the highest sales in each year as reported in NameBio - they require validated sales that are domain name only, so some high sales that are packages of other business assets do not get listed.
    • 2019 $30 million
    • 2018 $3.5 million
    • 2017 $2.89 million
    • 2016 $3.77 million
    • 2015 $8.89 million
    • 2014 $6.784 million
    • 2013 $4.7 million
    • 2012 $2.45 million
    • 2011 $2.5 million
    • 2010 $13 million
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