sales Brent Oxley Acquires CPU.com for 6 Figures

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Hostgator founder turned domain investor Brent Oxley has put together a portfolio of highly valuable one-word domains. In a recent feature, we showcased ten of Brent's best domains that would make most investors envious. Today we can reveal that Brent has added to his portfolio with the acquisition of CPU.com.

The deal was brokered by James Booth (@BoothDomains) of BQDN for a six-figure fee. Unfortunately, the exact amount isn't available to disclose publicly.

This latest acquisition follows other recent sales by James to Brent including Jones.com for $100,000, Pack.com for $100,000 and Toll.com for $50,000.

Whilst the exact price wasn't disclosed, it's likely that the domain sold for a low six-figure fee based on data from James' previous sales to Brent.

The CPU.com domain is more than a typical three-letter .COM thanks to its popularity as the acronym for the central processing unit, a vital part of a computer. Multi-billion dollar companies such as Intel and AMD produce CPU's that are used in millions of machines around the world.

According to WHOIS, the domain has been registered since 1990 and since September 2017 the name has been owned by an investor based in Israel. Based on archival copies of the domain, CPU.com was once used as an online store for Computer Parts USA.

Congratulations to buyer, seller and broker.
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Bidding form CPU.com at $606,000 over at Namejet with 11 days to go.
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