Reflex Publishing Inc of Tampa, Florida has a portfolio of several thousand domain names that would make the majority of domain investors extremely envious. Aside from operating developed sites such as Motels.com, Reflex Publishing own an array of the most valuable names on the Internet. Ten two-letter .COM's and hundreds of one-word domains results in DomainIQ's valuation tool estimating the portfolio to be worth $127 million.

Thanks to DomainIQ's related domains toolbox, we have picked out ten of our favourite names from Reflex Publishing's portfolio. This was not an easy task since the calibre of names is so high.


We start this list with a nice four-letter word. It has its value as a generic, short domain but the reason why it has made this list is its obvious links to the booming marijuana business. According to Forbes, the global marijuana business will reach a value of $31.4 billion by 2021.

Funding for companies in the marijuana industry has increased in recent years, too. "High" is an excellent "empty vessel" domain for the industry.



Many of the best domain names around have more than one possible meaning, which can add to their value from an investor's point of view. This domain would be at home in the profitable train ticketing market in which companies such as Trainline.com have thrived.

Equally, the domain could be used within the fitness industry. How would you use this name?


Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the USA, where around thirteen million people play the game. Whilst it's a pastime that is relatively cheap to play in terms of equipment needed, the game as a whole is a multi-billion dollar operation thanks to Major League Baseball, which passed $10 billion in revenue for the first time in 2017.

The majority of other generic sports domains such as Football.com, Golf.com and Tennis.com are fully developed.


Another adaptable name from Reflex Publishing is Plant.com. Aside from obvious uses as a gardening resource, the name could find a home within the marijuana industry or the construction industry. LinkedIn lists 48,169 companies using the "plant" keyword, with many of those seemingly in the biochemistry field.


In total, Reflex Publishing currently owns ten two-letter .COM's. In 2015 the company made a rare deal by allowing LL.com to be sold to a Chinese investor. Of the remaining ten names in this category, our favourite is LN.com thanks to its versatility and various possible meanings.


As a three-letter .COM and a common word, Bag.com commands immense value. Registered in 1997, Bag.com is another versatile domain in the Reflex Publishing portfolio. From e-commerce to fashion, Bag.com would be at home in any industry.


According to DomainIQ, this is the oldest domain name in Reflex Publishing's portfolio. Dating back to 1989, Barn.com looks to have been acquired by Reflex in the mid-2000's from a Todd Armstrong, who also sold Meat.com several years ago.


The second three-letter word on our list. As one of the most popular drinks in the World, tea holds a global market value of around $44.3 billion with 5.2 million metric tonnes produced in 2015. Unilever and Starbucks both own their own tea brands.


A phenomenon that is most common in the USA is the promenade dance, also known as a prom. Typically held in the senior year of high school, proms can be expensive affairs. According to a recent survey, the average student can expect to pay more than $600 for clothing, tickets, rides and their appearance in preparation for the prom.

These statistics make Prom.com an extremely valuable name that could easily be transformed into a highly profitable online destination for prom-related products.


Last but certainly not least is Apply.com, a word that is commonly used in several lucrative industries. From recruitment to financing and mortgages, consumers are invited to "apply" for various offers every single day. Whilst the WHOIS listing explicitly states the domain isn't for sale, there are likely to be many companies who would love to put the name to good use.

Which domain is your favourite?
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can someone tell me the real value of basbeball.com (not estibot appraisal) ?
The old but always present question about the value of a domain...

There is no "real" value, there is allways just an "individual" value, means the "real" value is always "relative".
So at the end it's only the person who owns / will sell it (if) will be able to "tell" you its "value" - through the price for which he was willing to sell it (if someone pays him exactly that amount).
If he will sell it for 1,000,000.00 USD, the "value" was obviously 1,000,000.00 USD *.
If he will sell it for 1.00 USD, the "value" was obviously 1.00 USD *.

* But only just at the time when the sale happend.
Simply becasue the same domain can sell for a completely other (higher / lower) amount at another time - there is always the possibility of unknown circumstances in the Background which can have influence.