domain YZZM dot com

Spaceship Spaceship
Started to get an increase in offers for this domain and after some research here on NamePros I found out about Chinese Premium LLLL.com's

My thoughts:
  • Somewhat pronounceable in English ("wise 'em")
  • Double repeat in the middle
  • Registered since 2008
  • The .NET is in use by large Chinese events company (16,000 attendees)
  • LLLLSales.com shows recent sales ranging between $400 – $10,000
  • YSSM.com (very similar but with S instead of Z) recently sold for $2,100 on Sedo
Curious to hear your appraisals. Also open to offers via DM, but I'll take your appraisal with a grain of salt in that case ;)
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Very good domain. What are your plans for it?
Very good domain. What are your plans for it?

Thanks. I have no concrete plans for this particular domain. Just waiting for a decent offer to come by and then sell it.
Nice name, I'd say $1.8k-2k for reseller at the moment... All the best! :xf.smile:
prices are very volatile for these now, changing every day. On auction maybe $2k-2.2k max, to resellers on the forum $1700-1900
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