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Curious which are your favorite domain generator tools?

I've been tinkering with about a dozen of them and have a couple that are on my faves list. Haven't found one I liked yet for finding 2 word domains (without entering a keyword.)

What are yours?

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try namemesh, but know not only are they not efficient , but you will rarely get a name that sells of them, once experienced you will say the same, you might use them just to spark ideas, or do some CVCV type experiments, watching sales completed threads, doing type in manual research on namebio , and watching expired auctions for what sells, and what sits in closeouts for months/years will create a qubit brain of your own for selection and searches. good luck my friend, its a very tricky game that you need crazy dedication for. I love it myself. biggest lesson for me is diversify the " ideas " and go heavily weighted on what data says works. opinions not required with some strategies, and better locked away when new.
What line item feature makes a good vs a bad domain generator report? I mean if you can make estimators for domains, why not make them for guessing values on unregistered domains.

I was thinking it might be easy to make a more specialized generator merging keywords with word brand values. You could create a pretty accurate scale for word brand values by just looking at existing developed domains. Alexa 100k could probably be the base data set on its own. Just extract the compound word domains, and count up the words and rank number of times they occur. Maybe even get historic prices by word.

--- Some ideas that are pretty commonly used across keyword tools.

Get all the search and hash tag data from the various marketing platforms. (display)
Use keyword search market sizes on a relative score (display )
Get the domain sales history that's public - noise transactions (display)
Get the number of listings on the product search engines and avg sticker price (display)
Get stats from service marketplaces that appear legit(display)
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Lean Domain Search is a waste of time. Names shown as available are taken a lot of times and names that are available don't show up. Before Automatic owned it they were good but has been downhill ever since.

I have not found that, personally. So which tool would you recommend instead?
Name Worth
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