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    Hello NamePro's!

    For Sale:


    Root Fantasy Sports was founded in mid 2017 with the goal and aim to create a Daily Fantasy Sports Advice website. We succeeded in create a fast and easy to navigate platform that sends our subscribers daily articles and bits of information to help players make informed decisions.

    Fantasy Sports is a huge market that is exploding in new users each year. Root Fantasy Sports is built on Wordpress and has already been established on Google with all of the hard work and money spent. We are hosting on Siteground (not the basic package) and we have easily handled an excess of 25,000 visitors per month.

    We monetize the website with Google Adsense, but the real money is in subscription services. At this point, we have NOT yet launched a premium service, as I built this website and business so it could be sold to a party that is interested in growing the website and/or merging it with another.

    The hard work and the expenses needed for this type of website/business is already done, now your small investment can propel you into years of earnings that are really limited only to what you're willing to do! (You can charge anywhere from $10 a month for a subscription, to $30/$40).

    We will accept offers but would like to get $3,000 - Sale includes website and all credentials, domain pushed to your service, as well as hosting, Facebook, email subscribers, instagram, gmail, and twitter account.

    Thank you and looking forward to your business!
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