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    wordplay or word play? One word or two? Having hand registered over 1,200 domains in the last 12 months, I've had more fun than any member could possibly imagine.

    With some exceptions, most domains registered today are simply a "play on words" I view it as a game, one by which creativity can lead to profits. Even new gTLD's tend to be a play on words with words like ".loan", ".live", ".cafe" and ".fun" replacing the original ".com" as a domain extension.

    What I find interesting is the discrepancy between Merriam Webster that shows "wordplay" as being a single word as seen here; and Wikipedia that shows it being two words as seen here;

    Regardless of which way it's used, it could be seen as a "play on words". One need only take a look at the thread titled "Your reg. of the day" to see what I mean. Most of the domains registered today and every day involve wordplay or is that word play?

    Finally, I've known all along that if I were to be successful in this industry i needed to use my word skills to develop a portfolio of names that I could take to market. And by "take to market", I don't mean list them on sites where the average "end user" doesn't have a clue where to find them. My marketplace is being developed as we speak, and a new twist involving WordPlayDomains is in training for the Big Game:xf.grin:
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