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Disputed Domain Name

On 30 July 2008, the Complainant submitted a Complaint in the English language to the Hong Kong Office of the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center (the ADNDRC) and elected this case to be dealt with by a one-person panel, in accordance with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the Policy) approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the Rules), and the ADNDRC Supplemental Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the ADNDRC Supplemental Rules).
Based on a Whois Record search conducted on 25 July 2008, the Complainant had identified the Registrant as Simon S.Y. Chiou, whose address is 200 Garfield Avenue, Alhambra, California, USA 91801; whose fax and phone number is +1 886933400989; and whose email address is [email protected]. On 15 August 2008, the ADNDRC sent to the Complainant by email an acknowledgement of the receipt of the Complaint and reviewed the format of the Complaint for compliance with the Policy, the Rules and the ADNDRC Supplemental Rules. Except as otherwise specified, all correspondence to and from the HKIAC described herein was in the English language.

On 16 August 2008, the ADNDRC transmitted by email to the Registrar, LLC, a request for registrar verification in connection with the Disputed Domain Name. On 27 September 2008, the Registrar transmitted by email to the ADNDRC its verification response, identifying Simon S.Y. Chiou, as the registered holder of the subject domain and confirming his contact particulars, as recited above.

On 2 October 2008, the ADNDRC transmitted the Complaint to the Respondent and notified the Respondent of the commencement of the action, by email directed to [email protected], requiring that a Response be submitted on or before 22 October 2008.

On 13 October 2008, by email to the ADNDRC, the Respondent requested an extension of time until 30 December 2008. The ADNDRC invited Complainant to comment on the Respondent’s request for an extension of time. Claimant responded that it was prepared to agree to an extension of time up to 15 November 2008. Making reference to article 5(d) of the Rules, the ADNDRC notified the parties that the deadline for the Respondent to file a response would be extended to 15 November 2008.

Thereafter, on 4 November 2008, Respondent communicated with the ADNDRC by email, requesting leave to file a response in Chinese. The Respondent’s said request was not copied to the Complainant. The ADNDRC replied by email that same day, alerting Respondent to the prohibition against ex parte communications, found in article 2(h) of the Rules, as well as to the language requirement found in article 11 of the Rules. The ADNDRC’s email invited the Complainant to comment upon Respondent’s request.

The Complainant responded that, although the language of the administrative proceedings should be in English, in accordance with the Rules, the Complainant would raise no objection if the Respondent filed its Response in the Chinese language. Whereupon, on 6 November 2008, the ADNDRC, by email to the parties, clarified that, although the language of the proceedings would be the English language, in consideration of the views expressed by both parties, the Respondent would nonetheless be permitted to file its response form in Chinese.

On 15 November 2008, Respondent filed its Response by email, in Chinese, noting therein the Respondent’s election to have the complaint determined by a single panelist.

Having received a Declaration of Impartiality and Independence and a Statement of Acceptance, the ADNDRC notified the parties that the Panel in this case had been selected, with Mr. David KREIDER acting as the sole panelist. The Panel determines that the appointment was made in accordance with Chapter 5 of the Rules and Articles 8 and 9 of the Supplemental Rules.

On 19 December 2008, the Panel received the file from the ADNDRC and should render the Decision within 14 days, i.e., on or before 5 January 2009.

Pursuant to Paragraph 11 (a) of the Rules, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, or specified otherwise in the Registration Agreement, the language of the administrative proceeding shall be the language of the Registration Agreement, subject to the authority of the Panel to determine otherwise, having regard to the circumstances of the administrative proceeding. The language of the current Disputed Domain Name Registration Agreement is English, thus the Panel determines English as the language of the proceedings.

Notwithstanding that the language of these proceedings is English, inasmuch as the Respondent sought and, with the concurrence of Complainant, was granted leave by the Centre to submit its Response in Chinese, the Panel has reviewed and considered the Respondent’s Chinese-language Response with the same effect as if the Response had been submitted in English.

It should be noted that the Panelist is solely responsible for the accuracy of the translation of all text and passages taken from the original Chinese-language documents in these proceedings.

Factual Background

For Claimant

The Complainant in this case is Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited, a corporation registered in Hong Kong. The Complainant is the owner of several trademarks including “长江”, “长江实业”, and “长江集团”, and their corresponding marks/names in English namely, “Cheung Kong”, “Cheung Kong Holdings” and “Cheung Kong Group”.

For Respondent

The Respondent, Simon S.Y. Chiou, is the current registrant of the Disputed Domain Name
<长江.com>, according to the Whois information. The registered address of the Respondent is 200 Garfield Avenue, Alhambra, California, USA 91801; whose fax and phone number is +1 886933400989; and whose email address is [email protected].

Parties' Contentions


The Complainant’s contentions may be summarized as follows:
I. The Disputed Domain Name is identical or confusingly similar to a trade mark or service mark to which the Complainant has rights

(a) The Complainant, Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited (“长江实业(集团)有限公司”), formerly known as Cheung Kong Real Estate Company Limited / Cheung Kong Real Estate & Investment Company Limited (長江地產有限公司), is the flagship of the Cheung Kong Group (“长江集团”), the leading Hong Kong based multinational conglomerate.

(b) The Complainant, was established on 8 June 1971 by Mr. Li Ka Shing, the tycoon who ranks 11th on Forbes Billionaires List 2008, and since 1972, the Complainant has been trading and providing services under the service mark/trade name “Cheung Kong Holdings”/“长江实业”. The Complainant is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and in Hong Kong alone, members of the Complainant’s group of companies, which is known as the Cheung Kong Group (“长江集团”), include the Complainant (stock code: 0001), Hutchison Whampoa Limited (stock code: 0013), Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited (stock code: 103 and Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited (stock code: 0006), which are all constituent stocks of the Hang Seng Index; Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited (stock code: 2332), Hutchison Harbour Ring Limited (stock code: 0715) and TOM Group Limited (stock code: 2383), which are companies listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; and CK Life Sciences Int'l., (Holdings) Inc. (stock code: 8222), a company listed on the Growth Enterprise Market. Based in Hong Kong, businesses of the Cheung Kong Group (“长江集团”) encompass such diverse areas as property development and investment, real estate agency; estate management; ports and related services; telecommunications; hotels; retail; energy; infrastructure; finance; e-commerce; building materials; multimedia and life science. The combined market capitalization of the Cheung Kong Group’s Hong Kong listed companies amounted to HK$817 billion as at 30 June, 2008. The Cheung Kong Group operates in 57 countries and employs about 260,000 staff worldwide.

(c) The founder of the Complainant and the Cheung Kong Group (“长江集团”) is a strong believer in synergy – the power of combined efforts. This belief is reflected in his naming the Complaint and a series of companies within the Cheung Kong Group (“长江集团”) after the Yangtze River (扬子江 or 长江) that flows through China, a great river that aggregates countless streams and tributaries. As a result, there is a large number of companies within the Cheung Kong Group incorporated with names beginning with the Chinese characters/words “长江”/”Cheung Kong”.

The Complainant is mainly a property development and strategic investment company and it is one of the largest developers in Hong Kong of residential, commercial and industrial properties. About one in seven private residences in Hong Kong were developed by the Complainant.

(d) The Complainant has always aimed to maintain a strong presence in overseas property markets as a quality property developer of choice residential and commercial projects. For example, in China, the Complainant has invested in a lot of important real estate development projects including being the largest shareholder of the project “Oriental Plaza”, the most prestigious project in the middle of downtown Beijing with project value of HKD7,000 million and covering a total gross floor area of 920,000 meter square. In addition, the Complainant has in 1994 purchased “Lido Place” in Beijing, a commercial/residential complex that accommodates a large number of Beijing's expatriate community and multinational companies.

(e) Pursuant to the enormous effort put by the Complainant in its businesses and excellent quality of the Complainant’s real estate development and services in Hong Kong and China, the Complainant has obtained the following awards: -
Hong Kong

Award:1998-99 REVIEW 200: Asia’s Leading Companies Award – ranked No.3 of “Top 10 Hong Kong Companies doing Business in Asia”
Organizer: Far Eastern Economic Review
Nature:Organizer invited subscribers to choose the leading companies from 525 Asia and International companies.

Award:1999 World Most Recommended Real Estate Development Company
Nature: Organizer conducted survey on 754 CEO from state-owned enterprise, large-scale incorporations, self-owned companies and listed companies of 715 countries to elect the world most recommended enterprises in different sectors.


Award:1998 Asia’s Best Managed Companies Award (Mainland & Hong Kong)


Nature: Organizer invited 250 fund managers from 150 institutional investors worldwide to nominate the best managed companies.

Award: 2001 China Best Quality Services and Brands: the Best Real Estate Developer

Organizer: Capital

Nature: Organizer aimed to praise companies which were rapidly expanding the China market and which have contributed a lot to mainland economy.

(f) “长江” is not only the service mark/trade name adopted by many companies within the Cheung Kong Group (“长江集团”), of which the Complainant forms part, it is also the most distinctive part of the service mark/trade name of the Complainant. The Complainant claims rights in the service marks “长江实业”, “长江集团” and “长江”, and their corresponding marks/names in English namely, “Cheung Kong Holdings”, “Cheung Kong Group” and “Cheung Kong”.

(g) Based on the above, the service marks/trade names “长江实业”, “长江集团” and “长江”, and their corresponding marks/names in English namely, “Cheung Kong Holdings”, “Cheung Kong Group” and “Cheung Kong”, have been well-recognized by the public and trade to be distinctive of and identified with the Complainant and the Cheung Kong Group but none other. Substantial goodwill and reputation has subsisted in the service marks/trade names “长江实业”, “长江集团” and “长江”, and their corresponding marks/names in English. One can also find countless publications and reports on the Internet about the Complainant and Cheung Kong Group by reference to the service marks/trade names “长江实业”, “长江集团” and “长江”.

(h) Further, as early as 13 December 1995, the Complainant has already registered the domain name “”. On 1 February 2000, the Complainant further registered the domain name “”, “” and “”.

(i) The major part of the Disputed Domain Name “长江” is:

i. identical to the major portion of the service marks/trade names of the Complainant and its group of companies;

ii. the Chinese translation of the major part of “Cheung Kong Holdings”, “Cheung Kong Group” and “Cheung Kong”; and

iii. the Chinese translation of the major portion of the Complainant domain names “” “”, “” and “”.

II. The Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the Disputed Domain Name

(a) The Respondent is not in any way related to the Complainant, nor was the Respondent authorised by the Complainant to use the mark/name “长江”.

(b) On or before the registration date of the Disputed Domain Name i.e. 24 July 2005: -

i. The Complainant and the Cheung Kong Group have widely used “长江实业”, “长江集团” and “长江”, and their corresponding marks/names in English namely, “Cheung Kong Holdings”, “Cheung Kong Group” and “Cheung Kong” as service marks/trade names;

ii. Substantial goodwill and reputation subsisted in the service marks “长江实业”, “长江集团” and “长江, and their corresponding marks/names in English”;

iii. The service marks/trade names “长江实业”, “长江集团” and “长江”, and their corresponding marks/names in English have been identified by the public as the service marks/trade names of the Complainant and the Cheung Kong Group and none other; and

iv. The Complainant has registered the domain names “”, “”, “” and “”.

(c) As such, the Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the Disputed Domain Name.

III. The Disputed Domain Name has been registered and is being used in bad faith

(a) Service marks/trade names “长江实业”, “长江集团” and “长江”, and their corresponding marks/names in English namely, “Cheung Kong Holdings”, “Cheung Kong Group” and “Cheung Kong”, have been used by the Complainant and the Cheung Kong Group in Hong Kong and China respectively for more than 30 and 10 years before the registration date of the Disputed Domain Name. All these service marks/trade names have very strong reputation in Hong Kong and China. Undoubtedly, the Complainant and the Cheung Kong Group have prior rights in the service marks/trade names “长江实业”, “长江集团” and “长江”, and their corresponding marks/names in English. As such, it could not be a coincidence for the Respondent to register a domain name which is identical to the most distinctive portion of the service marks/trade names and/or which is a Chinese translation of the most distinctive portion of the English service marks/trade names of the Complainant and the Cheung Kong Group, taking into account that the Respondent has never had any rights or legitimate interests in the said marks/names. It is believed that the Respondent registered the Disputed Domain Name in order to confuse the public that the Respondent’s act in registering the Disputed Domain Name authorized by the Complainant. It is clear that the Respondent had acted in bad faith when it made the application for the registration of the Disputed Domain Name in 2005.

(b) Further, since the registration of the Disputed Domain Name, the Respondent has not put the same into active use but is merely linked to a webpage providing information search services. This indicates that the registration of the Disputed Domain Name has no purpose other than to create confusion that such registration is endorsed by the Complainant.


The Respondent’s contentions may be summarized as follows:
一、 答辩人域名与投诉人享有权利的商品商标或服务商标不相同或并无混淆性

a. 投诉人在中国大陆对“长江”二字商标并无享有权利或登记商品商标或服务商标权。

b. 答辩人域名<长江.com>与投诉人主张的“長江實業”并不相同或并不混淆。
投诉人拥有的英文商标Cheung Kong,在中国大陆及联合国官方正式用法中,是不能被用来代表“长江”,Cheung Kong与“长江”并无相关性,“长江”的正式英文名称是the Changjiang River,或外国人古称the Yangtze River,而非Cheung Kong,Cheung Kong不是中国政府及联合国的正式用法。汉语拼音是中国的国家标准,也是联合国采用的标准,在中华人民共和国教育部所属的政府网站中有[联合国秘书处关于采用“汉语拼音”的通知:从1979年6月15日起,联合国秘书处采用“汉语拼音”的新拼法作为在各种拉丁字母文字中转写中华人民共和国人名和地名的标准。],其中“长江”的汉语拼音就是Changjiang River,请参阅政府网站: ... _1203318574906.html 亦即,Chang Jiang才是“长江”的正式英文标准拼法,而非投诉人的Cheung Kong。Cheung Kong是投诉人“取其音”自创的公司名,而非“长江”的英文名称,“长江”的中国通用汉语拼音是Chang Jiang,而非Cheung Kong。
答辩人查阅到香港居民的习惯用法,Cheung应该是“祥”的译音,例如Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran College 吕祥光中学,请参阅该校网站,而Kong应该是“港”的译音,例如众所皆知的Hong Kong“香港”,根据上述译音,则Cheung Kong的音译应该是“祥港”,而非“长江”。
“長江實業(長實)”不等于<长江.com>,香港使用繁体字“長江實業(長實)”,而<长江.com>是简体字,主要是中国大陆居民访问,不影响投诉人的香港业务。况且,简体字<长江.com>与繁体字“長江實業(長實)”也存在明显差异。事实上,在域名来说,即使简体字<长江.com>与繁体字<長江.com>也是两个不同的域名,简体字<长江.com>的punycode是,而繁体字<長江.com>的punycode是,中文域名在线转码请至《中国互联网络信息中心》网站: ... 445523843=472717611

另外, 说到“长江”,一般人会直接联想到中国第一大河“长江”,而且在中国大陆名称中含有“长江”的单位团体及公司行号有数万家,在中国大陆,无人会把简体字<长江.com>联想到繁体字香港長江實業公司,因此不会产生混淆或误导的情形。
c. “长江”是家喻户晓的通用地理名称,属于公权范畴。“长江”在中国已经使用了1700年,“长江”同时也是城镇地名(长江镇),通用地理名称的公益性、社会通用性,属于公权范畴,任何人无独占权与专用权。


★ 地理名称在商标领域的影响及与商标权的冲突。

★ 由于地理名称的公益性、社会通用性,使得地名商标相较一般商标,专用性受到弱化,呈现“弱保护性”.

★ 地名商标权人注册一个地名商标,就应意识到其专用权受到了一定的限制。由于商标是用于识别商品和证明商品来源的标志,地名商标即将地理名称直接登记注册为商标,而地名属公共领域的词汇,具有公共性的特点,其区别性就小,这决定了地名商标具有“弱保护性”的法律特征。即法律不绝对排斥他人对该地名的合理使用。下述行为都可以构成对地名商标专用权的有效抗辩:1、善意地使用自己的名称或者地址;2、善意地说明商品或者服务的特征或者属性,尤其是说明商品或者服务的质量、用途、地理来源、种类、价值及提供日期。”

★ 关于地理名称在商标领域合理定位的建议,

★ 正确认识地名商标形成的历史特殊性,尊重历史,又要面向未来,区别对待。

答辩人在查阅商标局的商标数据库时,发现数家公司名为“长江实业”,但皆与“香港長江實業”不相干,其中有一家为“杭州长江实业有限公司” ,在中国大陆,“杭州长江实业有限公司” 甚至比“香港長江實業有限公司”更行得通,能直接销售“长江”品牌产品,“香港長江實業有限公司”都无权干涉更神似、更容易混淆的“杭州长江实业有限公司”,那么投诉人还有什么理由禁止答辩人使用<长江.com>?
上述政府网站可以查询“长江”二字商标,注:“中国商标网”偶尔因访问量过大而开展很慢,可以从中华人民共和国工商行政管理总局 进入。

在世界最大的搜索网站 及世界最大的中文搜索网站 搜索“长江”二字,在前十个页面都找不到投诉人的香港長江實業公司,仅仅在百度黄页中国电信黄页里就登录有9,800...??业务): ... &lm=-1&z=-1

二、 答辩人对该域名享有权利或合法利益

任何域名数据库皆可查询到域名持有人,例如: ,Domain Name: (长江.com) Creation Date: 2005-07-24, Expiration Date: 2009-07-24, ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT INFO: Simon S.Y. Chiou, 从数据库可以证明<长江.com>是答辩人合法注册,合法持有。

<长江.com>为一分类信息网站, 提供各种行业的信息服务。<长江.com>网站信息分类为:(一)、工商业,(二)、电脑网络,(三)、教育培训,(四)、休闲,(五)财经,(六)、健康,(七)、生活,(八)、购物等八大类,在这八大分类之下尚有67个小分类,经过三年来的推广及与维护,<长江.com>网站已有自然流量,也就是自然访问者,累积三年的访问者已经很多,有很多人知晓<长江.com>,缘于“长江”二字的高度公众性与高度通用性,也使得<长江.com>拥有极高的知名度。因此,答辩人对<长江.com>享有权利及合法利益,投诉人无权剥夺答辩人既有的权利及合法利益。

三、 答辩人对该域名的注册和使用不具有恶意


除了上述合法网页信息外, 答辩人计划结合国家公益团体, 将<长江.com>建设成“保护母亲河-长江”环境保护公益网站。


答辩人希望赋予<长江.com>最神圣的使命,将<长江.com>建设成最完善的“保护母亲河-长江”公益网站,计划将<长江.com>捐赠给国家公益团体之后,答辩人以义务工作者的身份,投入“保护母亲河-长江”公益活动的行列,为“保护母亲河-长江” <长江.com>公益网站奉献绵薄之力。


综上所述,投诉人的投诉不符合三个基本条件:根据统一域名争议解决政策4a(i) (ii) (iii)投诉人在行政程序中必须举证证明以上三种情形同时具备。

Paragraph 15(a) of the Rules instructs the Panel as to the principles the Panel is to use in determining the dispute: “A Panel shall decide a complaint on the basis of the statements and documents submitted in accordance with the Policy, these Rules and any rules and principles of law that it deems applicable.” Paragraph 4 (a) of the Policy requires that the Complainant should prove each of the following three elements to obtain an order that a domain name should be cancelled or transferred:
i. the domain name registered by the Respondent must be identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which Complainant has rights; and

ii. the Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name; and

iii. the domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith.

Identical / Confusingly Similar

The evidence submitted by the Complainant shows that “长江” is not only the service mark/trade name adopted by many companies within the Cheung Kong Group (“长江集团”), of which the Complainant forms part, it is also the most distinctive part of the service mark/trade name of the Complainant. The Complainant claims rights in the service marks “长江实业”, “长江集团” and “长江”, and their corresponding marks/names in English namely, “Cheung Kong Holdings”, “Cheung Kong Group” and “Cheung Kong”.
Since 1972, the Complainant has been trading and providing services under the service mark/trade name “Cheung Kong Holdings”/“长江实业” and that there is a large number of companies within the Cheung Kong Group incorporated with names beginning with the Chinese characters/words “长江”/”Cheung Kong”. As the suffix “.com” only indicates that the domain name is registered under this gTLD and is not distinctive, the Panel finds that the Disputed Domain Name <长江.com> is identical to the Complainant’s service marks/trade names.

The Respondent seeks to draw a distinction by reason that the Disputed Domain Name appears in simplified Chinese characters (as are typically used in the mainland of China), whereas the Complainant utilizes the same Chinese characters in their traditional form on its website and in various publications (the traditional form of Chinese characters continue to be used in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and in much of the rest of the Chinese-speaking world outside the mainland of China). The Respondent argues that this distinction evidences that the Disputed Domain Name is dissimilar to the Complainant’s marks and renders the possibility of confusion between the Disputed Domain Name and Complainant’s service marks/trade names unlikely.

The Panel finds Respondent’s arguments unpersuasive. Firstly, it is noted that the allegations in the Complaint that “the Complainant and the Cheung Kong Group have widely used ‘长江实业’, ‘长江集团’ and ‘长江’, since before the date of registration of the Disputed Domain Name” show the Chinese characters comprising each of the marks/names written in the simplified form. Moreover, from the evidence presented, including media reports and publications where these same marks/names appear in simplified Chinese characters, Respondent’s assertion appears factually incorrect, even if it could fairly be said that the people of Hong Kong are likely far more accustomed to seeing the Complainant’s marks/name written in traditional Chinese characters, as is the custom in Hong Kong.

Additionally, it must be noted that although ICANN does assign simplified and traditional Chinese characters different puny codes, even under the Implementing Regulations to the Trademark Law of The People’s Republic of China, the registration for a trademark in simplified Chinese characters will cover the traditional Chinese characters and vice versa. That is, Chinese Trademark Law does not discriminate between trademarks registered in either simplified or traditional Chinese characters, as against the same characters written in the other form, but, rather, treats the marks as being identical and equally deserving of protection regardless whether the mark registered appears in the simplified, or in the traditional form.

Respondent further argues that the two Chinese characters in simplified form, “长江”, are recognized by the government of The People’s Republic of China and by the United Nations as referring to the “Changjiang River” (which is also sometimes known as the “Yangtze River”), and not by the English words “Cheung Kong”. The Respondent observes that these same two Chinese characters are written in English, in accordance with China’s Han Yu Pin Yin system (a standard system by which Chinese characters are alphabetised), as “Chang Jiang”, and not “Cheung Kong”, the English name by which the Complainant’s group of companies is known.

Respondent’s observations, while substantially accurate, appear to this Panelist to be misplaced. As but one example to illustrate the point, adopting Respondent’s analysis, the two Chinese characters that comprise the immediately recognisable city name “Hong Kong” – “香” (meaning “fragrant”) and “港” (meaning “harbour”) – would be alphabetized in accordance with China’s Han Yu Pin Yin system as “Xiang Gang”.

While speakers of the Mandarin dialect of Chinese (Putonghua) the world over would immediately recognise the spoken word “Xiang Gang” as referring to Hong Kong, the same spoken word would be meaningless to an English speaker, unskilled in Mandarin Chinese, if pronounced in this way.

The Panel considers that the closeness between the pronunciation/alphabetisation of “长江” as “Cheung Kong” (like the pronunciation/alphabetisation of “香港” as “Hong Kong”), may be more readily apparent when those words are pronounced in the Cantonese dialect of the Chinese language (the dialect of Chinese principally spoken in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and in Guangdong (Canton) Province, China), rather than in Mandarin Chinese, as is used by China’s Han Yu Pin Yin system.

The Panel holds that the Complaint fulfills the condition provided in Paragraph 4 (a)(i) of the Policy.

Rights and Legitimate Interests

The Complainant contends that the Respondent does not have rights to or legitimate interests in the Disputed Domain Name. The Complainant’s assertion is sufficient to establish a prima facie case under Policy 4 (a)(ii), thereby shifting the burden to the Respondent to present evidence of its rights or legitimate interests. The Respondent has failed to show that the Respondent has any rights or legitimate interests in respect of the Disputed Domain Name – the two Chinese characters of which refer to China’s greatest river, the Yangtze River (扬子江), or Changjiang River (长江).
Respondent has helpfully raised to this Panel’s attention the matter of ADNDRC case HK-0800174, involving the same Complainant’s claims in relation to the materially identical domain name “长江.net”.

The administrative decision in that case recites:

Without any other specific reference or connotation, “长江” means nothing but the name of the [Yangtze or Changjiang] River. Although Complainant has established the common law right in the mark “长江”, it cannot and should not deprive others from using the River’s name normally. The right that the Complainant can assert in the mark “长江” is linked to its businesses and services as to which the mark is used. The Complainant is, by no means, entitled to claim any monopoly over the River name “长江”, per se.
Referring to paragraph 4 (c)(iii) of the Policy, the administrative decision in ADNDRC case HK-0800174 continues:

… [A] respondent may demonstrate its right and legitimate interest in the disputed domain name through proving that it is making a legitimate noncommercial or fair use of the domain name, without intent for commercial gain to misleadingly divert consumers or to tarnish the trademark or service mark at issue.
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Finalized and Published Decision

CN-0800226 内蒙古蒙牛乳业(集团)股份有限公司 Bin Qiao www.特仑苏.net Transfer 24-11-2008

CN-0800217 L’OCCITANE (欧舒丹公司) Shi Pengyu (石鹏宇) www.欧舒丹.com Complaint Rejected 13-10-2008
CN-0800216 L’OCCITANE(欧舒丹公司) Li Hong www.欧舒丹.net Transfer 05-09-2008
CN-0800215 精工爱普生株式会社 dalian fancy Transfer 27-08-2008
CN-0800199 精工爱普生株式会社 huang xinguo(黄新国) www.epson投影机.com Transfer 11-07-2008
CN-0800198 redoffice .com Li Li Transfer 30-06-2008
CN-0800197 dehnchina .net ZHANG WENYU Transfer 30-06-2008
CN-0800197 dehnchina .net ZHANG WENYU Transfer 29-07-2008
CN-0800195 Biamp Systems Corporation, Rauland-Borg Corporation Shanghai Bipai Dianzi (上海比派电子有限公司) Transfer 13-06-2008
CN-0800193 boschhk .com GUANG ZHOU BOSCHHID AUTO SUPPL Transfer 30-06-2008
CN-0800193 boschhk .com GUANG ZHOU BOSCHHID AUTO SUPPL Transfer 07-07-2008
CN-0800192 圣·托斯有限公司 (S.TOUS, S.L.) riche Transfer 23-06-2008
CN-0800190 3M 公司 3m design office Transfer 05-05-2008
CN-0700178 精工爱普生株式会社 黄新国(huang xinguo) www.爱普生打印机.com Transfer 27-12-2007

CN-0700176 BANK OF CHINA LIMITED Zhong Hang L. www.中行.com Complaint Rejected 27-02-2008
CN-0700175 L’ OREAL Zhu Yunfeng www.欧莱雅.com Transfer 04-01-2008
CN-0700174 L’ OREAL Zhongshan Xiaolan Town Jinxing Hardware Products Factory www.欧莱雅.net Transfer 04-01-2008
CN-0700173 谷歌公司(Google Inc.) google中国 Transfer 09-01-2008
CN-0700172 BANK OF CHINA LIMITED li zhang www.中银.com Transfer 15-02-2008
CN-0700171 爱普生.biz xianzhu wang www.爱普生.biz Transfer 15-02-2008
CN-0700170 Sino-ocean Land Limited Beijing Panshi Jiayu Jianzhu Zhuangshi Gongcheng Co., Ltd. www.远洋地产.com
www.远洋地产.net Transfer
Transfer 22-01-2008
CN-0700169 BANK OF CHINA LIMITED ROY TANG Transfer 21-01-2008

CN-0700162 技嘉科技股份有限公司 TAN QI (谭祺) www.技嘉.com Transfer 15-02-2008

CN-0700157 中国银行股份有限公司 吴志清 www.长城卡.com Transfer 29-09-2007
CN-0700148 Richemont International SA(厉峰国际有限公司) 余海洋 www.万国表.com Transfer 24-09-2007
CN-0700141 Incorporated Acer Conan Liu www.宏碁.com Transfer 30-07-2007
CN-0700139 美国科特玻 璃功能膜公司 朱培顺 www.美国龙膜.com Transfer
Transfer 07-04-2008


Dispute Case ID Claimant Name Respondent Name Disputed Domain Name Domain Decision Status Decision Published Date
HK-0800217 投诉人(1):Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 投诉人(2):Wal-Mart China Co. Ltd. Xuelei Niu Transfer 07-01-2009
HK-0800214 Chow Pui Sze evangelo costadimas Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800213 (1):Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (2): Wal-Mart China Co. Ltd. Chiu Tien Fu www.沃尔玛.com Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800211 Disney Enterprises Inc. 张三 www.迪斯尼乐园.com Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800210 Disney Enterprises, Inc. Wei Zhu www.迪士尼乐园.biz
www.迪斯尼樂園.biz Transfer
Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800208 迪士尼企业公司 Fang Hong Bin 方宏斌 www.香港迪斯尼乐园.com Transfer 03-11-2008
HK-0800207 (1):BONNETERIE CEVENOLE (2): MONTAGUT FAR EAST LIMITED ChenZhou Human Resources Network www.梦特娇.com Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800205 Disney Enterprises, Inc. Nomi Nee Ltd www.迪士尼樂園.com Transfer 07-01-2009
HK-0800204 迪士尼企业公司Disney Enterprises, Inc. 广东巨星影业有限公司 www.香港迪士尼.com
www.香港迪士尼.net Transfer
Transfer 07-01-2009
HK-0800203 Disney Enterprises, Inc. Sean Miller www.香港迪士尼樂園.com Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800202 Disney Enterprises, Inc. Zheng Xiaorui www.香港迪士尼乐园.net Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800201 Television Broadcasts Limited TVBNOW Transfer
Transfer 07-01-2009
HK-0800200 (1) Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (2) Wal-Mart China Co. Ltd. Ure Zaragoza Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800196 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Jianjia Zhou / Zhong Shan Da Qi Tu Liao You Xian Gong Shi Transfer 03-11-2008
HK-0800195 (1):Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.;(2): Wal-Mart China Co. Ltd. East Treasure Trading Co LLC Transfer 03-11-2008
HK-0800193 BASF SE (formerly BASF AKTEINGESELLSCHAFT) Zhong Sou Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800191 长江实业(集团)有限公司 Peng Zhang www.长实集团.net Transfer 03-11-2008
HK-0800189 Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited(长江实业(集团)有限公司) Zhu Qing www.长江实业集团.net Transfer 03-11-2008
HK-0800188 Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited Michel Ribeiro www.長江實業.com Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800185 Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited(长江实业(集团)有限公司) Guess Choi(蔡润光) www.长实集团.com Complaint Rejected 27-12-2008
HK-0800183 (1)Li Ka Shing ; (2) Li Ka Shing Foundation Chui Siu Cheung of Bookmarkking Info. Transfer 08-10-2008
HK-0800182 Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited Paco Tse Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800180 Complainant (1):Li Ka Shing; Complainant (2): Li Ka Shing Foundation Nomi Nee www.李嘉誠.com Transfer 07-01-2009
HK-0800179 Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited ng River (Ji Jian) Trading www.长江基建.com Transfer 03-11-2008
HK-0800177 Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited Tian Jiahai www.长江基建集团.com Transfer 07-01-2009
HK-0800175 Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited Long Solid Pipelines Inc. www.长实.com Transfer 03-11-2008
HK-0800174 Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited Tiza Dustin Hill www.长江.net Complaint Rejected 27-12-2008
HK-0800172 Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited Simon S.Y. Chiou www.长江.com Transfer 02-01-2009
HK-0800169 Linda Wilcox Kereni Martin Transfer
Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800165 教育考试服务处(Educational Testing Service) Liu Zebin(刘泽斌) Transfer
Transfer 08-10-2008
HK-0800164 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc YingGuo DuoLeShi Paint Co., Ltd. Transfer 08-10-2008
HK-0800161 德国雨果博斯商标管理有限公司 及 雨果博斯股份有限公司 上海泊诗化妆品有限公司 Domain Name Cancel 07-01-2009
HK-0800160 Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLC Beroca Holdings BVI Limited Transfer 27-12-2008
HK-0800159 Iveco S.p.A. Nanjing Guoyuan Tech Ltd. Transfer 08-10-2008
HK-0800158 Iveco S.p.A. 王宝都 Transfer 08-10-2008
HK-0800157 礼恩派集团LEGGETT & PLATT INCORPORATED 佛山顺德区龙江镇狮城美术设计部 (Foshan Shunde Longjiang Shicheng Art Design Department) www.礼恩派.com Transfer 08-10-2008
HK-0800156 (一) Kuok Registrations Limited; (二) 嘉里建设有限公司(Kerry Properties Limited) Li Bing Transfer 30-04-2008
HK-0800155 Shure Incorporated Zhang Jia Bin Transfer 07-04-2008
HK-0800154 Jack Daniel's Properties Inc. 深圳市杰克丹尼服饰有限公司 Transfer 15-07-2008
HK-0800153 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc xiaoping qiu Transfer 08-10-2008
HK-0800152 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc wei guo wu Transfer 21-05-2008
HK-0800151 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc qiqhaer duoleshizhuanmaidian Transfer 08-10-2008
HK-0700150 Carl Austin Bennett Domain Park Limited Transfer 07-08-2008
HK-0700149 Wynn Resorts Holdings LLC Sean Miller www.永利澳门.com Transfer 08-04-2008
HK-0700147 Excellent Management Limited Vich Marco Complaint Rejected 03-06-2008
HK-0700145 中华电信股份有限公司 朱艳玲 Transfer 30-04-2008
HK-0700144 New Era Cap Company, Inc. Beijing xingtuokeji youxiangongsi (北京兴拓科技有限公司) Transfer 08-04-2008
HK-0700143 Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLC wynn Transfer 08-04-2008
HK-0700142 赫里奇德文鞋业两合公司 Beijing deichmann shose cd.,lt Transfer 08-04-2008
HK-0700141 Anheuser-Busch, Inc Mr Zhao Tianhui Transfer 07-04-2008
HK-0700140 爪哇控股有限公司 YouFang Cheng Transfer 28-11-2007
HK-0700139 (1) 惠氏(Wyeth); (2)美国惠氏药厂(香港)有限公司; (3)上海惠氏营养品有限公司; (4)惠氏(上海)贸易有限公司 pengxugui Transfer 28-11-2007
HK-0700136 Wisdom Toothbrushes Limited Gang Zhang Transfer 07-04-2008
HK-0700135 Saia-Burgess Electronics Holding AG Yueqingshi Kaidaliyibiao Co., Ltd Transfer 07-04-2008
HK-0700134 Nvidia Corporation 施帅东 Shi ShuaiDong Transfer 28-11-2007
HK-0700132 FAIRBAIRN CATLEY LOW & KONG run yang Transfer 07-04-2008
HK-0700131 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Zhu Wenhui Transfer
Transfer 07-04-2008
HK-0700130 CLP Holdings Limited Huang Zu Hua Transfer 08-04-2008
HK-0700129 CLP Holding Limited Qiu Jia Jun Transfer 08-04-2008
HK-0700126 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc. YangYun(杨耘) Transfer 08-04-2008
HK-0700125 永利渡假村(国际)集团股份有限公司 ZhouJun(周俊) www.永利渡假村.com Transfer 22-06-2007
HK-0700124 Kwang Yang Motor Co. Ltd Jeremy Cannas Transfer 10-07-2007
HK-0700122 Windbrella Products Corp. (Address: 1916 Corporate Drive, Boynton Beach, FL 33426, USA) Ji YuHai (Address: RM.603, No.7 Building, QinYin Zone, No.158 ShuangLong RD, WhenZhou ZheJiang 325000, China) Transfer 22-06-2007
HK-0700121 Wisdom Toothbrushes Limited GangZhang Transfer 07-04-2008
HK-0700120 ASIANINSPECTION LIMITED (亚洲质量检验有限公司) 奚军 Transfer 04-06-2007
HK-0700119 The Hong Kong Jockey Club xiaoyaohuiyuantuku (小幺会员图库) Transfer 12-06-2007
HK-0700118 Christie Manson & Woods Ltd Zhou Xian Jun www.佳士得.com Transfer 23-05-2007
HK-0700117 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Ye Weiping Transfer 10-05-2007
HK-0700116 Thetaworld Corporation Daniel Albrecht Complaint Rejected
Complaint Rejected 04-05-2007
HK-0700115 Sydus Pte Ltd.;Saumil Nanavati Jeonggon Seo Transfer 10-05-2007
HK-0700114 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc jiemei chen Transfer 26-04-2007
HK-0700113 Sea N See Private Ltd. iPlanet Network Transfer 11-04-2007
HK-0700112 Dipped Products Limited Mr. Eddy Tsai/Palmrite Corp Transfer 26-03-2007
HK-0700111 安海斯—布希公司(Anheuser-Busch, Inc.) 盛焕华(Mr. Hanhua Sheng) www.百威.net Transfer 02-04-2007
HK-0600109 Anheuser-Busch, Inc Mr Ji Jian www.百威啤酒.com Transfer 24-02-2007
HK-0600108 Anheuser-Busch, Inc. 朱晓乐 www.百威.com Transfer 24-02-2007
HK-0600107 Marrybrown Fried Chicken Rare Domain DotCom Transfer 24-02-2007
HK-0600106 Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson Ye Xiu Fan www.爱立信.net Transfer 24-02-2007
HK-0600105 Telefonaktiebola. LM Ericsson Henry S.C. Chiu www.爱立信.com Transfer 24-02-2007
HK-0600104 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Gao Sheng Transfer 24-02-2007
HK-0600102 Beijing Chaoyang Law Firm Withdrawn 29-08-2006
HK-0600100 Exxon Mobil Corporation Ningbo Esso Spark Plug Co. Ltd Transfer 23-11-2006
HK-0600099 Exxon Mobil Corporation Cixi Fei Chi Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd Complaint Rejected
Complaint Rejected 23-11-2006
HK-0600098 Yafriro International PTE Ltd. Pierce Transfer 11-11-2006
HK-0600093 test Test Withdrawn 25-11-2006
HK-0600092 Sociedade de Lotarias e Aposta Xu Ming Transfer 06-11-2006
HK-0600090 WING HANG BANK, LIMITED Richard Feldman Transfer 01-09-2006
HK-0600088 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc 蒋华(Jiang Hua) Transfer 11-11-2006
HK-0600087 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Brunner Mond Dagu Dulux Paint (Hongkong) Co., Limited Transfer
Transfer 23-11-2006
HK-0600086 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Duoleshi Coating (Hong Kong) International Group Co., Ltd Transfer
Transfer 23-11-2006
HK-0600085 Imperial Chemical Industries Plc. Ding Baonan(丁保南) Transfer 04-10-2006
HK-0600084 Asia Base A/S Wah Ching Kwok Transfer 03-07-2006
HK-0600083 ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES INC. Charles Yeh Transfer 03-07-2006
HK-0600082 AMX Asia Limited Withdrawn 21-05-2006
HK-0600080 Societe Jas Hennessy & Co. 汕头市潮南区嘉柔化妆品有限公司 Transfer 24-04-2006
HK-0600079 Randy Hangers, LLC Chunshui Co. Ltd. Transfer 13-04-2006
HK-0600078 Television Broadcasts Limited Chen Hua Zhong Transfer 20-04-2006
HK-0600077 Clifford Chance www.santonprene .com Transfer 17-03-2006
HK-0600077 Advanced Elastomer Systems L.P Li Ming www.santonprene .com Transfer 20-03-2006
HK-0500076 Irene Ng Withdrawn 14-03-2006