Why no one wants to use the domains .bd

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    Bangladesh has two country code top-level domain names .bd as well as .বাংলা. But people and business entities are shying away from registering in the country's domains due to delays in response and a tangle of conditions. As a result, Bangladesh has been missing out on domain revenue every year.

    There is no data on how many domains are being registered from Bangladesh in foreign countries' domains every year. However, technology-based business leaders believe that the number is more or less around 5,000 each month.

    Till 5 October, 2021, the number of registered root domain names using the '.bd' was 31,042 while the number of registered root domain names using the '.বাংলা' domain was 610, according to officials of the Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL), a state-owned enterprise tasked with registering root domains.

    In 2019, the number of registered root domain names was as high as 46,800 and 905 for the '.bd' and '.বাংলা' domains respectively.

    Bangladesh got the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) (.bd) in 1999. However, the Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited started registering websites in 2003.

    .... One of the main problems regarding the lack of popularity of '.bd' and '.বাংলা' domains is the requirement of a trade licence for businesses to get registered under the .bd domain. Moreover, the address of the website must match the name of the business registered in the trade license.

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    Another one of those extensions that requires a creative abbreviation for the "BD", even after jumping through all the hoops. Bangladesh ...tough one
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    .bd is a sub domain. eg;

    Some company uses; Google, CocaCola, Daraz etc.

    It takes two weeks to finally register a domain (approval process). One has to register at least for 2 years for new registration.

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