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MGG Investment Group LP filed a UDRP against the registrant of the domain name mgcinv.com. The Complainant operates from the domain mgginv.com.

The rationale, per the UDRP filing at Forum (NAF)...
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Another Pi*s take filing....

How the hell are those 2 sites in any way similar? Which clueless fool decided to argue the case that......

Respondent’s mgcinv.com domain name is virtually identical and confusingly similar to Complainant’s mark because it incorporates the MGG mark in its entirety, replaces the letter “g” with the letter “c”, and adds the letters “inv” and the “.com” generic top-level domain
Source: https://domaingang.com/domain-law/why-mgg-investment-group-lp-lost-udrp-against-mgcinv-com/

Time and time again we see these fraudulent cases brought before a panelist/s - something needs to be done to stop it......A counter claim/suit should be made available in cases where it is proven/showed that the complainant has acted in bad faith so that costs & damages can be claimed back........