Why is there a rule about other domain name forums and communities?

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    The rule in question is:

    Rule 1.29. Do not advertise, publicize, or promote external domain-related forums or communities on NamePros. This includes linking to pages that directly promote them. The only exception to this rule is local events and meetups that are in person (face to face).​

    The purpose of this rule is to prevent others from piggybacking off of all of our hard work, and countless investment dollars, to build (up) their own domain forum/community with a fraction of the work or investment by simply acquiring members from our platform.

    NamePros had to put in the time, effort, and significant amounts of money to get to where it is today, and it wouldn't be fair for someone to take the easy route to build (up) their own forum/community using our platform and brand to get there.

    Thanks for understanding.
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