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strategy Why do we Google it, but not Amazon it?



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" Google it " has become the widely-used phrase many internet surfers use to refer to a general web search. Since Amazon is the world's leading e-com website why don't we " Amazon it " when we want to buy something? Same applies to "ebay it " which is quite easy to say and shorter than " google it ". Related question for domainers: When you buy / register a brandable e-com domain name do you consider the end users' customers and how they might use the name in everyday speech? Cheers.


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Amazon doesn't always have the lowest prices, nor do they have all products produced. Google however, can help you find those products, a good amount of time it actually is cheaper to source products off of Amazon, since a GOOD percentage of Amazon sellers are actually just dropshippers.

Plus, and I'll probably get downvoted, but Amazon is not a company I would want to support, as they are full US democrat supporters, the Jeffery Epstein type of human.

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