Why .de .es. dk owners might need a similar dotcom to redirect or just to obtain?

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    we domainers realize many reasons which make a dot com or good domain valuable. But apparently, the outbound leads whom we use to outbound often do not know.

    many of us find some businesses which are using a CCTLD domain such as XYZ.CO.UK where we have the exatct

    Why do you think the business owner might be willing to consider buying

    What point we can mention?

    I found some point.

    1. Domain infringement
    If you have your website with dotdk extension like & someone else starts using & marketing with , it might create confusion & disturb your Credibility in the future. Which results in
    possible revenue leakage just because of not owning dot com.

    2.It shows you couldn't afford the dotcom sometimes.

    3.can look like you are not aware of online presence & maintenance techniques

    4. Your brand is not well protected.

    5. You will lose Online Traffic

    6.many people will send you to email to the dotcom without thinking since this domain will have email id like [email protected] or

    But what you think the magic line which can trigger a business owner who is unaware of domain value to buy the dot com?

    Share your idea & quote to describe an ameture or less educated business owners.
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