Why are some of my Efty landers not showing on Android?

Located in Reviews, started by Avtar629, Dec 26, 2019


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    I've contacted Efty already about this and waiting for reply.

    But I just thought I'd ask here and see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem?

    I have many domains with Efty landing pages where there are no issues.

    And then I have domains like and where I would need to either use Apple IOS phones or any PC or Laptop.

    Is it an issue with my Android phone only? Nope. as I've tested both on other Android phones not only mine and they don't see the landers for the domains above either. But my other domains the landers can be seen on anything.

    What gives?

    There has to be a solution for this. It's a bit odd how it's an issue with only a few. Or at least just the ones I've checked.

    Who knows? There may be 10% to 20% or even 50% of my domains with Efty Landers with this issue? I would have to check each and every one of them manually as it seems there is no way to globally check to see if they are having this issue or not.

    any smart people on here have an ideas as to why this may be happening?
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    Maybe it's a caching issue or it has been resolved with the two sites you listed, as I was able to access them with no issues from an android phone.
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    hmmm. lol I haven't cleared the cache on this phone in years! could it really be that easy?

    but how would that explain the other domains?

    I mean I uploaded all these domains at the same time.
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    I also use a android phone and when I had the same issue you just mentioned it usually can be resolved when I empty my cache. I recently learned this because that was a common problem I had when I wanted to view my EPIK landing pages whereas some of my landing pages would load with no problems and others would not....
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    Got it. Thanks guys. Appreciate the help. now imagine Homer trying to figure out how to clear his cache. lol Happy Holidays!

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