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WhoQ.com - Whois Service for Domainers (Official Thread)

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    An Innovative Way to Buy & Sell Domain Names

    What is WhoQ?

    WhoQ is a unique WHOIS service for domainers & businesses to provide accurate domain name details with a secure way to communicate with the domain name owner. WhoQ ensures 100% privacy for buyers and sellers.

    How WhoQ differs from other WHOIS services?

    Like other WHOIS services, the WhoQ database is a searchable list of every single domain currently registered in the world, but with a difference. The legacy WHOIS is failing the industry largely broken because of haphazard implementation of privacy laws such as GDPR which prevents interested buyers from contacting domain owners. WhoQ offers a solution to this. By protecting privacy, the participating domains are open for any offers from individuals/businesses through a secure form. Soon WhoQ will be offering special services for domain name registrars and registries as part of our expansion plans.

    Who can use WhoQ?

    Anybody who needs to know details about any domain registered, domainers who wish to sell their domain names, businesses/individuals who wish to have direct contact with the domain name owner.

    Domain sellers can register a FREE account and add their domain names to have a secure way to communicate with the buyers.Businesses/Individuals who wish to buy/inquire about a domain name directly with the domain name registrant can do a search and fill out the secure inquiry form to have direct communication with the desired domain name registrant.

    We are just getting started, have some exciting features coming soon, and will update
    here in this thread.

    Please send your ideas, suggestions & feedback as
    DM to the Product Manager @digi or through the contact form located here.

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    Congrats on getting this going.

    I'm very interested in following your growth and hope you have much success.
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    best wishes
    wait for your success
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    Looking forward to see your success!

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