Which domains have changed the world and How?

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    Hello All,

    What I have seen that daily total recorded (or declared) sales goes nearly $100K as per Namebio with average of 170 sales per day (See here) . Every website need a domain name to exist on Internet. There are over 1.3 Billion websites that has been created till now.

    What I am seeking are real stories (with proofs if available) or interviews where people have seen change in their business by using a better domain name.

    My Question is

    -"Can a domain name become a primary need of an online business" . If yes how?
    -"Can a domain become become necessity instead option"?
    - How domain names are disrupting the online world ?
    - How can you justify the price of domain names especially brandable domain names
    - Why people are still use "amazing" domains to redirect to main website instead of changing it.

    If you say that names help a online business to rank higher in search ranking then I will say Well, I typed 100 different keywords, and out of them 95 keywords do not have domain in their first page.

    I hope, you can understand my view point, DM me if you would like to convey privately. I am looking forward to everyone viewpoint.
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    My opinion (and possibly unpopular on this forum) is that domain names themselves do not change the world. The content behind them can. For example, That is a phenomenal site and project that has truly changed many lives (including my own). But it would have had the same impact were it branded (initially, when it launched, not now). The content is the key here. Not the domain name
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    Domains are the vehicle. The brand is the engine.
  4. HotKey

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    Takes's a lot of work to switch domains when you've got an established site. Have you ever moved (in real life)? It's one of the most stressful events in anyone's life. The same can be for a digital move. Also, I think a redirect is a good way to "test" the waters with a new name, you can see how much traffic comes from the redirect and if there's an increase over time, before making the switch or if it's even worth it.

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