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  1. abstractdomainer

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    I have some 20 names or so that I have been holding for 3 years. I believe in some of the names extremely, but none of them have received an offer or any interest from an end-user. Never marketed to domainers.
    The names mostly comprise of the following:

    Around 12 .COMs
    Around 6 .CO
    3 .NET

    The point I am trying to understand is, when do you figure out whether to keep renewing a certain name or drop off and move onto new names?

    What are the factors that can be considered when making such a decision, when I clearly have one indication that in the last 2 years, none of these names received an inquiry.
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  2. bmugford

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    It's a tough one to answer. There is no right or wrong answer.
    You only learn with experience, and even then it is hard to know where to draw that line.

  3. Samer

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    lol .co

    you drop after the first year! (if they dont sell

    Do you enjoy ~$20 renewal fees? for ONE .co
    Amazingly; .NET renewal price is twice .Com’s
    (So .NET not out of the woods)

    Without knowing the names;
    Drop all the non-com’s IMO

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  4. MapleDots

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    What do you use for your statistics?

    The only real way to know anything is if you have some stats.
    I track every hit on my domains, if a domain has even 2-3 views per year chances are someone was looking at it.

    Now if a domain does not even get one visitor you know its a pretty bad domain.

    Remember it only takes 1 click to be a buyer so even domains with only 1-3 clicks a year can sell but I would definitely thin my herd if I had domains with absolutely no traffic.
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  5. MapleDots

    MapleDots Top Contributor VIP

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    Almost forgot

  6. karmaco

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    I tend to agree with Brad there is no right or wrong way and even if you are right you may be wrong 🤣 As an example, how many mask names were people tracking down and registering in 2018 and 2019?

    Some, but not what came next in 2020 dictated by unknown events. The people who dropped mask names that are any good in the last few years didn’t know they would shortly come to mean more. We make decisions with the knowledge we have at the time.
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  7. equity78

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    Your pre registration/auction purchase research helps here. Are you just buying names or do you have a plan?

    In a story I just published Mike Mann sells for $29,888 two others owned it years ago and dropped it, one was Oversee. Mann held it for 9 years. Many might just be like, "Oh I have plenty of brandables this one has not had offers or nothing special. Let me drop it.
  8. Samer

    Samer Top Contributor VIP

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    Isnt “Fanta” trademarked! The Orange Soda.

    We’re practically same market. you kno “fanta”

    * I am not a lawyer; would like clarity.
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  9. Revisiting

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    This can be a real hard question for many of us, even after 10 plus years of holding. You have to identify your potential buyers, and I mean genuine (they really can't do without) - even if they are not biting. Don't make-up potential buyers in your mind. that makes for nothing.(though I'd agree you could have thought like that 15+ years ago)

    So who can't do without ?? Can you identify ??
    Nice to have is not enough..
    I think they/somebody will benefit - is gobshite
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  10. alienbaba

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    It’s a play on words of fantasy, so it would be fine (y)
  11. The Durfer

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    well, i hope you know that 4L.coms and 3L.nets are liquidity. That said, MapleDot is right any clicks means interest i would definitely from results take out any that have zero clicks. Good luck. :)
  12. Raj2610

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    I have been into domaining for last 2-3 years with little or no success. Here is my point of view on what I have learned by far..
    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is equally true about domains alongwith the web numbers technicalities and vagaries....Remember that the various dimensions of this so called beauty keeps changing during different times. Since technology is significantly changing the way we conduct the business and is significantly affecting our lives. A futuristic eye on how things would be down the line few years may give you significant understanding on areas to invest in and wait patiently for it to fructify. However, It maybe easier said than done. All the best!
  13. Established Member

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    Answer to your question would be really tough as other than extension you have not disclosed some important aspects which might help to zero down possibilities like
    1. Whether its hand reg or purchased from the market?
    2. Is it brandable or liquidate class like 4L or dictionary name?
    3. Is tech-related, economical, social or generalised?
    4. In the last three year whether sector, where these domains are belonging, is growing or stagnating?
    5. After the surprise element Covid-19, what would be a possible impact in these sectors i.e. positive or negative?
    6. What is your holding capacity, how many years you can hold vis-a-vis appreciate of your domain value over time?
    7. What is your future plan? Do you need urgent cash-flow?
    8. Opportunity cost, because you are stuck in these domains are you really missing better opportunity? In short, is your domain is really better than the domain available at closeout in the range of $20-30?, And last but not the least suppose if you will start a company in particular sector how many of that domains would be your first choise to name your company? Think as a promoter and investor of that company and not as a domain owner?
    Please appraise yourself based on the above question.

    Actually, we can not say anything about domains as you have not tried in the last three year. Therefore it will good idea to now start promoting them at least first few months before auctioning here at NP and then in non-favourable case, decide to drop.

    I also agree with @Samer point of view paying $18-25 for non .com per year will only reduce your profit margin even if it sold. One should always consider the fixed cost (annual renew) and compare it with the variable selling price to ensure a healthy profit margin before any investment.
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  14. LUP

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    You again. Huft
  15. Josytal

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    As minimum, you should have visit/type-in/traffic statistics for every domain in your portfolio. Further, check comp sales and see if the domain you intend to drop has any resemblance with those already sold in the second market.
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  16. poweredbyme

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    Depends on direct type-in traffic. You should exclude referral traffic. Because those visitors are just ordinary internet surfers, not domain buyers.
  17. lock

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    A lot of threads for a small portfolio.

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