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    This posting isn't as much about what do you think the value is, but more the process to sell a name. I am about to do outbound on a domain I own. I think this question is geared more towards people that do outbound, but recognize the community has a wealth of knowledge . . . so share on!

    1. I am compiling a list of companies that fit the domain name. It ends with Corp.
    2. As I research those businesses I am trying to identify who the decision makers are . . . not always easy to do.
    3. I will start with email if available.
    4. I ask what is the domain worth? That can be tricky as well! What is it worth to me, to the company to use, to the company to block another company from using?
    5. Negotiating the sale . . . if it gets there!
    6. Closing deal via Escrow.

    My question is, what have I missed?

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    First few words ending in corp as a brand?
    umm millions depends could be worth nothing we don't know the name as a newbie you could have added corp to any poor keyword. I have worked with a large building co that sold buildings for millions with brand ending in corp. They might go global. It could turdcorp who knows as you never posted the name no appraisal given.
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