When exactly does .it domains go into Redemption after expiring?

Labeled as .it in ccTLD Discussion started by Avtar629, Feb 12, 2019.


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    Ok so I got caught out there. Got an email for 2 .it domains that technically expire on 1-25-19 but I Godaddy tried to bill me on 12-20-18. But couldn't because my credit card expired.

    I figured I had enough time since it is expiring on 1-25-19. I figured like .com or other domains .it would have a 30 day grace.

    imagine my surprise when I found out this domain is in "pending delete/redemption" phase?

    Is this right?

    I guess I'll have to bite the bullet on redemption fees. But I don't know just odd.

    It's almost like (going by the email sent to me by Godaddy) that these domains expiration date BEGAN on 12-20-18? The date they sent me the renewal billing attempt which had failed?

    This is what the emailed stated below.

    "If an item has already expired, it is noted above in "Canceled Items" and can no longer be renewed. PLEASE NOTE: Once an item has been canceled, all related data – website files, emails, databases, etc. – is removed from our server and cannot be recovered."

    What is this all about? Why have an expiration date for a domain as 1-25-19 when these domains on 12-20-18 were already marked as "Cancelled"?

    Status: pendingDelete / redemptionPeriod
    Signed: no
    Created: 2017-01-25 19:20:48

    I don't get this at all.

    Can someone explain?
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