What’s your strongest niche?

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    When I first got into domaining I was blown away by the VR thread but didn’t make much progress as I was way too late to the game.

    5 years on and many many quite embarrassing mistakes later, I have managed to build up a strong portfolio of exact match domains in one specific area. (Exact Match Domains related to Crypto Regulation).

    What in your opinion is your strongest niche?
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    Ah, if I could only get a one time refund for all those hand regs and domain buys that went nowhere.....smh. That thought can go for anything in life though....we learn through mistakes and the lesson isn't always given upfront. :)

    To answer this thread, which I wish more people would've chimed in on, because it is interesting.... I'd say my niche I've collected the most domains in would be "External Hard Drives", starting about 6 years or so ago. Maybe 7. Still haven't done anything with my names, but have managed to acquire the category killer a few years ago....
    Others are:
    all the way up to 10 or so,, then maybe a few more. Some of these have great search volume.
    If anyone knows an easy way to affiliate/ppc/monetize such names, please PM me, as I really could use a solution for my EMD product domains that are collecting dust....

    Thanks for reading. Let's hear some of your niches NP. And please offer up some EMD solutions for us guys who are collecting dust and are simply uninformed. Thank you in advance ☺
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    Depending on how early I am, I try not to register more than 5 to 10 names in one niche. I also try to get a few category killers if I can than trying to corner the whole market because of greed. Which is where the aftermarket also plays a role

    Take the crypto niche for instance. Names like cryptobank and cryptopay were registered around 2010 but crypto didn't blow up until 2016/2017 domain wise. Knowing what I know now, instead of registering 100s of crypto keywords in 2016 before the blowup only to drop them down the line because they were worthless, I would have saved all that money and bought 2 - 3 category killers that were available then.

    In addition, it's also important to know that a niche might just be a runaway train both registration-wise and aftermarket-wise. Trying to catch it is an exercise in futility

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