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    Hi! I am wondering how much is worth.
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    I'm sorry to say that this domain's value is very low.
    There are no equivalent domain sales that suggest the possibility of selling this domain(when searching for even $100.
    This domain is long(4 words, 14 letters) and the combination of the words doesn't compensate on its length.
    I struggle to find any usage for this domain.
    Though I can imagine that it can be used as a forum, but it will be very hard to find an end user.

    Resell value: Reg fee
    End user value: mid $xx to high $xx
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    Great name, I really like it. It is super common phrase and it fits multiple industries, I would say mostly socialy oriented, dating etc. High 4-fig or even 5-fig with patience and luck, imo.
    Many similar "phrase" domains sold for high figures. And 12+ extensions taken.
    Good luck!
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    Have you ever been to a website that gives you the meaning of your name? This domain would be perfect for such a thing.

    Now one thing I'd like to point out is that for "What" domain name names, the comps are all the sales starting with WHAT...because each phrase is unique, you can't search for the full domain string and expect to see a sale, unless it's sold in the past because the domain IS ASKING A QUESTION, this is if you only look for comps in .com, you could search it an all extensions and try and use a multiplier to account for the liquidity difference i.e .net is 1-10% of the .com etc.

    4 Words isn't ideal, but this phrase is searched 246,000/mo | CPC: $0.24. There is moderate TLD demand, it's taken in 10 extensions. Searching the term shows multiple websites all related to name there is very, very clear build out potential. I would never, ever drop this name. It's a highly searched phrase and the domain itself has been registered since 2003.

    info similar sales visit backorder brokerage
    July 2005 $ 386,100.00 USD eBay[​IMG]
    July 2006 $ 26,150.00 USD SnapNames
    June 2012 $ 17,000.00 USD AfterNIC
    April 2011 $ 15,088.00 USD AfterNIC
    July 2014 $ 15,000.00 USD Uniregistry

    May 2014 $ 12,500.00 USD AfterNIC/GoDaddy

    February 2014 $ 10,000.00 USD Uniregistry
    September 2013 $ 5,000.00 USD

    Retail $5.5k to $20k+ or more it depends on how motivated the buyer is to own this name as there is clear build out potential.

    Wholesale: $500 to $1150 ( I wouldn't sell it to another investor for less than $500.)
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  5. Sheogorath

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    The phrase is too long and it isn't that popular.
    There are only 60.5K monthly searches for it within the USA.
    Also, monthly searches isn't the only aspect to check when appraising a domain.
    All the phrase domain sales you mentioned are far superior to this particular domain.
    For example, whatismyip is extremely popular.

    There can be many alternatives for this particular domain name and except for some blog/other website about name meaning, there is nothing that can be done with this particular domain name.
    There is no product or common commodity that can be used in relation to this domain name.
    Anyone can go ahead and register etc. and use it for the same purpose, they are available.

    Some related domain sales(source: 523 USD 2013-02-01 GoDaddy 438 USD 2016-08-22 GoDaddy 255 USD 2009-10-23 GoDaddy 185 USD 2015-09-05 GoDaddy 181 USD 2015-08-25 GoDaddy

    So while this domain name is somewhat brandable and searched, its value isn't that high.
    I may have exaggerated with the end user value of mid-high $xx, maybe it can sell for low-mid $xxx, but for nothing more than that.
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  6. YourBestTrader

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    This is a fun thread to weigh in on because people have such differing opinions.

    Here's my take on it:

    Based on comparable historical sales, and taking into account various Rosener based formulas, and common sense... I'd guess an end-user would pay between $1,000 and $8,000 for the domain, depending on their budget, how long you're willing to wait, and how much exposure you are able to achieve for your domain.

    Where possible I like to give multiple valuations in the below format as it brings clarity that I feel is lacking in most other valuations:

    $20 - Immediate Pricing – Urgent sales at 1% to 5% of the retail price (Namepros buyers)
    $200 - Liquidation Pricing – 20% to 30% of the retail price (Flippa auction)
    $400 - Confident Investor Pricing – 40% to 60% of the retail price (Sedo listing)
    $1,000 - Retail Pricing – 100% pricing, sold to perfect End-User (DAN Landing page)
    $8,000 - Unicorn Pricing – The once in a lifetime lucky sale (NamesCon)

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