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discuss What will a .WEB launch do to the value of .XYZ, .Club, .TOP, etc?

We now have hundreds of new TLDs and I have seen a dropoff in sales of .COM and other TLDs since the launch of new TLDs. I believe this is partially because domainers are allocating more funds to new TLD purchases that otherwise were going to aftermarket sales in other extensions. As well, the typical low-budget developer or small business now has options which cost $XX or low $XXX rather than paying a lot more for an aftermarket .COM or .Net etc. Domain investors have jumped on the new TLD bandwagon as there are now some 20 million new TLD registrations - mostly speculative. What will domainers do with limited funds when faced with .XYZ renewals but now there is another TLD offering "premium keywords"? We are probably starting to realize that premium keywords outside .COM are not so premium when a search for that phrase at Godaddy auctions lists dozens of competing alternatives.
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