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showcase What was the worst domain you've ever bought



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but I love it :)
I have seen worse extensions :)
ex: .mobi , .xyz , .top

Although we should be sensitive to acceptance/popularuty of different extensions in different geographical regions. So far 2018YTD on NameBio about $2 million in .top sales, 458 in total, average sales price over $4400 .xyz much more limited sales lately but still 31 sales average just under $1400 for 2018YTD.

With over 2000 .xyz websites in Alexa 1M its use in actual websites (1 Alexa 1M per 890 registrations, within about factor of 2 of .com for reference). I would personally not count .top and .xyz as poor extensions.

Even .mobi had its very good year in the past! :xf.sick:

It was wrong on so many levels....

Although there are many list of top 100 cheap colleges, restaurants, hotels, places to go, hobbies etc. I could see it working, maybe as a development site where you run many sites in parallel through subdomains. If that is your worst ever, congrats! Although the .cheap extension always feels, sort of, err cheap to me , so in that sense I agree!


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In my first couple months of domaining I remember I regged I have no idea what I was thinking back then, crazy newbie delusion I guess. It is embarrassing for me to even write it here, but I will be brave. Do I win the prize for worst domain ever?


I had a domaining partner back then, we shared everything 50/50; she regged just because it sounded cool. We weren't that informed about TM dangers yet. Corollary: she sold it within a couple months for $850, it was actually our first sale. Looks like it dropped a few times but each time was snapped up again; is still regged and for sale! Crazy :)

Edit: I just checked, and BlogBarf has still been going strong all these years too! Still alive and regged. Ha ha ha ha haaa.


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I have so many it is hard to choose!:xf.frown: Probably one of my 3 word in .science extension like:
I still kind of like them, but should have been focussed on who would buy/use them, or not! Thanks for great thread, @mrflapjack !
you're right I and other 48 cent domains they were just wasting money
you're right I and other 48 cent domains they were just wasting money

Just to clarify, I do not at all believe all .science extension domains are useless. Especially now that FFM are under new management, and stabilizing without the deep discounts, I see a long term future for the extension. I still hold a number of .science extension domains, several registered for 5+ years. I think generic scientific words and short acronyms particularly will find value.

Why mine was so bad is that I was not properly considering uniqueness - always an important criteria in value of a domain name. I registered ICanDo but there is an endless supply of similar names WeCanDo, WhyNotDo, YouCanDo, LetsAllDo, WhyDo, etc. in .science. Why buy mine when you could hand register one of those?

I know that occasionally, usually in .com, three word domains do sell, but always consider uniqueness! (or your name may end up in this thread :xf.wink:)

I regged in 01/02.

Can't believe why.

For a computer startup / school project. The amount of better alternatives were probably humongous.

I kind of like it for a reference site that quickly and easily scoured data on almost any topic, or some sort of online data visualization. Maybe you were ahead of your time? I note that pure-data in org has sold twice including last year. I see your name is available for hand reg now, so if someone does want it....