What to do when SSL is installed but the website is not working properly

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    There are many times happen this problem to many website owners as after installation of SSL on the website, there is a problem of working on the website also. So When anyone faces this kind of problem then there are few checkpoints on this to know why your website is not working properly when SSL is installed on it.

    • Any Application has a requirement of specific configuration for working with SSL
    In the case of CMS (Content Management applications like WordPress, Joomla, etc there is also a requirement of additional configuration to work with SSL. So For the content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, you can easily enable SSL via the Toolkits in Cpanel.

    • Using Cloudflare with an SSL

    If anyone purchased an SSL certificate with a dedicated IP then one thing one should keep in mind that assigning a dedicated IP to the hosting account then DNS records will also be updated to reflect the new IP.

    • Check the setup of redirection to HTTPS

    It is also possible that Even by SSL also been activated on the domain, It is also possible that visitors can still access the following website using HTTP only. If the website owner wants to make sure that the website is only accessed through HTTPS, Then there is also a need to creating a redirect.

    You have to follow these steps by when SSL is not working on the website & if you want to know more about SSL problems after installing then you can read this complete article on What to do when the website is not working after installing an SSL Certificate.
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    Thanks for infos.
    Quick note:
    If you upload your crt to your host for wordpress website, go to settings and change site url http to https. Then install ssl content mix plugin to fix contents for https.

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