What portion of your portfolio is the result of aftermarket purchases? (over US$100)

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    Understandably all investors want to buy low and sell high so backorders and expiring domain auctions will comprise a considerable portion of domain purchases. Handregs offer a low entry point but may not offer as much upside. Generally speaking investors are not going to offer high-end domains at low prices. However, I am curious how often forum members search Godaddy Auctions for certain keywords and see what domains are available with a certain budget. Or is everyone just regging hundreds of new TLDs and waiting for an end user to pay $xxxx for them?
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    My breakdown:
    • 40% from drop-catching (API and backorders)
    • 25% from expired auctions (exclusive to registrars)
    • 15% from registrants (marketplaces)
    • 10% from hand-registrations (available)
    • 5% from registrants (email)
    • 5% from brokers (newsletters)
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    Only about 3% of my names are bought for more than a hundred dollars. However, about 75% of them are caught drops. Less than 20% are hand regs and this category is getting smaller every month.

    As long I'm able to sell at least ten percent of my portfolio each year, I am ok with my current strategy, but the more I sell, the more I will invest. Occasionally also in XXX and XXXX-figure names.
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  5. garptrader

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    Handregs have their place but only once you gain some experience in what type of domain a buyer might be willing to pay a premium price for. Thus you won't be handregging hundreds of made-up names no one wants. Backorders of aged expiring domains has been the most significant source of inventory. I have participated in forum and Namejet / Godaddy auctions but generally don't bid over low $XXX for such names. There have been a few occasions where I purchased an aftermarket name I felt was grossly underpriced but I generally don't find many domainers underpricing their domain names. :)

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