What makes a pronounceable domain valuable?

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    I'm new to domaining, and I'm working out which niche to target. I'm interested in reasonably short 5-6 letter words which are pronounceable and brandable. The problem is; when I'm on auctions - I see some sell, and others don't even get a bid... and to my eye, they both look at an equal quality. Are there any rules or tips anyone could give as to what domain get interest, and what domains don't?

    I've been studying recent sales, and with short domains it's easy - they sell. Specific numbers sell easily to China, elite one-word domains sell. But brandable / pronounceable words... I can't find 'the rule' as to what's good, and what isn't.

    Thanks for your time, and I'd really appreciate some help!
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    When is comes to made up brandables - It is pretty much up the the buyers opinion on the value of the domain, but it generally comes down to the likelihood of a resell.

    If you gave examples maybe people here could give some answers in those specific cases.

    But basically you have to be in the game a while (or do your research) to know what the "magic formula" is. (and everyone's is different, but on certain domains many people see value - causing there to be a higher price)

    There are also other factors the bidders on the domains you are watching are looking at such as traffic, age, prior development, etc.

    It all comes down to experience (and some luck) to be successful, but experience does not typically come without cost. (wasting money on bad domains that dont sell/overbidding on domains)
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    I think your question relates to determining the brandablity of a domain name and hence it’s value, there are few great ways this can be determined and I do this simply by correlating a potential brandable domain against thousands of brandable sold domains collected to determine it brandablity and value as explained in this post. It may not be the best in the world but works for me.
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    Dngeek also shares useful information about brandable domain names.

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