What is the hebrew or jewish number for God or lucky number?

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    Ok so I remember seeing an episode on Million Dollar listing where Josh Flagg got an offer from a Jew. His client was a Jew also.

    So the buyer made an offer of whatever millions and then ended it with .xxx cents. I remember Josh the realtor saying the buyer put it there to add "luck" to the deal or kinda like putting a price for a chinese buyer at $8,888 to catch the eye.

    So what are those numbers the represent either GOD or is lucky to Hebrews or Jews?

    Reason I'm asking? I'm dealing with a man last name Cohen and he's in real estate. Wanted to send him the price for my exact match for the address of his real estate property and end it with these numbers in the cents.

    Anyone know what these numbers are? I think they were three numbers?
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    This is very vast and complicated topic. But basically, 13 and 18. Also 4, 8, 40. If you ever bother to open Google, you'll find tons of popular info on this matter.

    So for your idea, 18 will serve the best. If he only has an idea. Most of secular Jewish today have no idea.

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