What is the difference between a Domain blogger and a troll?

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    Namepro's Forum is great. Nobody can argue with it's success as a community. But we got hit again, first on twitter a few days ago now on a blog. Instead of commending the work done by some, they get slammed in the comments and labeled as trolls.

    The NamePros moderators do a great job of keeping the rules enforced, this is a great forum- one of the best I have participated in. We all should be thankful to have this to share information, unlike some of the bloggers who do censor when comments are made that do not fit their own agenda's.

    Well, trolls are non-profit. Bloggers are paid. Trolls are not in the majority here- there are many people who become "Questioners", like myself. I guess that I "Don't know how domains work". Well, since I don't manipulate information or belong to a club, I guess I don't know what goes on behind the scenes in the fraternity house. What I have observed is rather strange, that domains get passed around from account to account. Is this how this the wholesale business works?, each price bump creates artificial value and demand?

    Am I a troll? Do I post B.S.? If so, bring on the criticism.

    There are key people who have contributed with many hours of work researching the data to provide to this community, who have not been given credit enough for exposing the July mess. Their hard work has made the entire forum aware of what is going on behind the scenes. Some have chosen to believe it, some have chosen to look the other way.

    I have spent 100's of hours studying the going's on in this small industry and have concluded many, many things. There are a ton of people I see struggling for various reasons. Then there are those who are in the headlines of the weekly sales reports. You cannot argue with success, nor should you be jealous of it. If the success is with hard HONEST work. Great for them, I am happy for the success of those who are selling end user names that help companies become a great brand. There are way too many domains that are parked. Most of the great sales that occur it seems to me are done by the silent people who do not write blogs or have self promotional exposure.

    I am not new to business nor the games "Business" people play to advance their agenda's. I am not a politician either and I do this for fun, not for income.

    Today reading this piece- an actual participant in this forum has made me disappointed. I am glad that he actually posts here. I hope he continues to do so. But Hate? This forum isn't about that at all. There are ton's of skeptics like myself, who have become cynical after reading, watching and seeing the behavior. I have posted sarcasm of it it too.

    Most Domain Bloggers get paid. Some promote good products, some promote questionable products. They create an image for themselves good or bad. They bring industry news and humor. They include their honest opinion or an opinion with a spin on it. Some are worth listening to, some aren't. Some participate here, some do not. One even stated that Namepros is the place to "get rid of names". Shame on him.

    It isn't about growing thick skin, it's being honest and about having integrity and not willing to compromise it to make money.

    If you choose to respond to this, I would gladly like to see you post some example of posts here that are "Guesses", and untrue.

    And if any of you visit the blog and you read the comments, some of which are members here- make your own conclusions.

    Todays page at DSAD:

    CM Capture 145.jpg


    On the other hand, here is an example of a parody blog, and I enjoy reading it:

    This is a funny Parody published yesterday by the ever witty @Acroplex on his blog which
    I enjoy his candid humor.

    However, if you look at it closely, it is really sad that there is a "Steve" or "Steve's" lurking around.

    "The essence of domian buisness is to make money no matter what.
    For example: you gots a domain, and I gots a domain. So we both gots one.

    If you bid on mine and I bid on yours, we both win.

    If we don’t, then it won’t sell, catch my drift?

    Best way to do that, is to call your buddy Steve."


    I have questions- anyone please tell me:

    1. So who’s Steve?
    2. What kind of image does Steve have?
    3. How many Steve's are there?
    4. Is Steve a real person or an API?
    5. Does Steve have a Partnership?
    6. If so, is it a “Limited Partnership” or is it a shell corporation with bearer share’s?
    7. Does Steve "accidentally" bid on his own names?
    8. Does the "Partnership" prevent fair and open bidding competition?


    Enjoy every sandwich: Warren Zevon
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    Most industries have people who pass assets arounds at ( usually ) increasing prices - Antiques, Bank loans, houses, cars, crypto-currencies and company shares, are just a few that sping to mind.

    Not all bloggers are paid to run their blogs.

    Many trolls are paid to post via signature campaigns and other means of monetisation of their posts.
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    Thanks for that. Paid trolls? But here on Namepros? That is new to me. I guess maybe you mean the type that place promotional sales comments for SEO and in wp websites. Right? Price manipulation in Antiques, collectables and jewelry like on eBay I realize but never interested in those markets. Never bought an antique car at auction nor intend to. Bank loans get aggregated collected and resold, same with debt collection I wasnt aware that value increases though. Insider trading and stocks certainly well aware as that is the most corrupt economic segment, and churning portfolios of customers by brokers.

    I just never thought some people traded domain names back and forth solely to inflate their value.

    Several Bloggers do a nice job and most don’t list or hype upcoming auction names as their business model. Some really educate and expose whats going on good and bad and include namepros comments and threads within their blogs.
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    trollers will keep on doing trolling blogs and thinkings, at the end of the day they will be left with very small gain and eventually they will leave the ground, because they will always try to troll others and when it comes to their skills they start using cheat sheets. They will never learn an art to get the work done in a proper way. Be it domaining and/or any other field of life.
    A domain blogger will actually give you what he/she learns with hours of hard-work. I being also doing domaining know that how difficult is it to hit an enduser who actually responds.
    Believing 100% in auctions is also a hard nut to crack.

    in short,
    Every one who is like this character "Steve", will think himself that he is Steve, others will think Steve is a character who is representing a cheater.
    for all those whos name is "Steve", than only think that we are discussing about some other Steve....
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    "Steve" was a randomly picked name. It was a slow day (Sunday) and the post covered a couple of different (real) issues painted in an exaggerated, parody light: shill bidding in auctions, selling crappy domains and the guy who CC'ed 450 people in a single email.
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    Exactly, so for those big auction sales to other domainers that get reported when they occur, what do they really mean? The greater fool theory? Hype and advertising for future sales value?

    End user sales imo, are all that count. Brands developing or renaming their company under a strong dot com. Domainer to Domainer sales should be ignored.

    Lets take this off domains. Let’s say you are selling an expensive 67’ stingray at auction after owning it since 1967. So you take it to an auction to find a wealthy investor. Bidding goes on as normal, competition is normal and you would hope the new owner would be like Jay Leno, a car lover. You get a fair market value price due to open competition and many enthusiasts in a large market. Jay buys it since he loved the car like you did and actually drove it, not parked it.

    On the other hand, you took the car to another auction and there is limited competition due to lack of attendance, or lack of trust from the auctioneer, or groups of “Partners” withholding bids or predetermined meetings ahead of auction ( Steve1 agrees to bid and Steve2 agrees not to bid and Steve 3 bids on another car, etc.)

    Then Steve1 buys your car less than fair market value. Great news for Steve1. Bad news for the you, the seller. So in the future “Steve1” who preplanned would never care about or even drive the car, but sell it in 6 months some other “Steve4” guy, and who is buddies with other Steve5’s and his “Partners” (Manny, Moe and Jack) with them intentionally to reduce competition and their ultimate goal is to flip it to “Steve Naive”, a newcomer to investing in Cars simply for resale.

    Steve Naive is 100% at fault for getting caught up in a system that allows “Partnerships” and invisible proxy bidders. After reading all sorts of sales reports on trade journals about his car value he should have found Jay Leno, directly. He should have advertised instead of wasting his evenings watching the 4 stooges how-get-rich buying and flipping cars infomercials. Steve Naive got greedy too. Steve now is stuck with his “Investment” since he tries to resell it to various car dealers who won’t give him even 50% of what he paid for it.

    Steve Naive’s wife files for divorce and he sleeps in his car, hoping it will appreciate in value.
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  7. Fun fact. The Jackass from from Waterboy is named Steve.

    Now, it doesn't appear there'll be a way of knowing for sure if the below quote was referring to auctions, or direct sales. Just (to me) it sounds like an example of, do me a favor, buy my name now, and when you need a sale, I'll buy one of your names. Is that business, or a partnership? Can you not do business with your partners? Even if that business is a favor? *the below transcript is not from somebody named Steve*

    "...There was a handful of guys, really two or three guys that I sort of came up through the business with and we were on Skype every day. We were emailing every day and we were talking about what we bought, what we sold, and these were guys that we were all trying to buy similar-type names and sometimes we were competing and sometimes we were colluding, but we were trying to make it.

    And sometimes I would get on the phone with
    my buddy, Oliver, and I would say, “Look, I need to make my 250 today, man. I have got this name. I know it is worth more. You know it is worth more. Give me five hundred bucks for it.” And he would do it, and then a week later he needed a favor and I would buy a name off him. And it works. And to this day, we still do tons of business together at a higher level, but it goes both ways. He needs to raise money. “Well, look, have you got some liquid names? I will buy them from you.”"
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    That statement he just posted of collusion is disturbing.
  9. In the comments, this blogger, confirms that his post was intended to offend the trolls.

    Maybe Andrew misspoke, and didn't mean to use the word colluding? Who is his buddy Oliver?

    Minute 41:00 to minute 43:00
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    Wow, everybody should listen to that show.
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    Whew! This thread is starting to give me a bad name? ;)
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