What Is the Chance When All Short .Com Domain Names Are All Registered?

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    Internet has shortened the distance and facilitated the communication of people around the world. With the boost of online business, domain name has become a tight resource. Short domains of .com and .cn have almost been registered out. But the demand of premium domain name is still exuberant.

    Why the demand keeps increasing?

    In recent years, startups boost in China, especially E-commerce startups with the support of the government. The boom of the enthusiasm to Internet enterprises could be a powerful drive of the demand. According to the latest China Internet Development Statistics Report, until Dec, 2015, the population of Chinese Internet users has reached 688 million with the increment of 39.51 million. The prevalence rate has reached 50.3%, which has increased 2.4 percent since 2014. The population of mobile network users has reached 620 million. More than 90.1% internet users would use mobile device to access the internet. The report explicitly indicates the development of the Internet business in China. With the increase of mobile Internet users, the short domain names will be more welcomed. Since the short .com domain name has been registered out, the .cn, .cc, .co short domain names has all been taken. New tlds also have a bright future. The development of the market in 2015 was beyond the expectation of many veteran investors. The prices of some strains of domain names have skyrocketed to an amazing price. With many new investors came into the market with abundant funds, the price went up and up. It is not surprising to see a domain name transaction closed at a price in millions.

    The niche market of domain name is rising

    The change is the only thing remains unchanged in the changeable world. At the very first, domain name was only regarded as a reference for people to find a website. Few people realize the potential value of it. As to fulfill the original function of domain name as a reference, the single top level domain name .com shall be enough. But actually, users do not regard all the domain names as non-distinction. Short, memorable domain names are preferred than long, complex ones. The development of domain market meanwhile procreates the niches domain name market. Not like gold and water, which can be only offered by the nature, domain names are artificial products and the supply can be manifested by human beings. Once the demand increased, the supply also increases to balance the market and give more choice to the end users. Stimulated by the demand, more extensions of the top level domain names are created. For the video industry there is the .tv; for the vehicle industry, there is .car. Although many investors still hold a skeptical altitude towards the new top level domain names, only time will tell whether the niche market will get succeed in the future.

    In the year of 2016, it might be the most splendid year for the market. What will the next chance for the market? Will the market totally accept new extensions? Which new extension may fade out of the market with the intense competition? Let’s wait and see.


    Declaration: this is an informative article that do not represent official investing advice, with no intend in misleading readers.Please be open-minded and objective. Welcome varied discussion below.Thanks!
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    China is really the new domain playground. It's amazing to see innovative ideas coming out of China: bulk trading, domain secularization, and domain loan. It's the place to watch.
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    Yes, various ideas can emerge in here and you can always find new ways to play a single thing.

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