What is domain investing?

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    When domain investing goes right

    There are numerous cases of domain name holders making millions of dollars from selling a web address. These high-yield domains are often generic names unmistakably associated with profitable industries, services, or places, so will likely markedly improve the holder’s chance of business success as a result. Take for example, which went for a whopping $90 million in 2005, or, which sold for an impressive $35.6 million in 2010.

    Securing this type of domain is unlikely, however, as it is safe to assume that most are already taken. Perhaps the most effective way domain investors make money is by jumping on emerging trends and buying domains pertaining to them. Take, for instance, which was bought by Bitcoin mining equipment specialist GAWMiners for $1 million in 2014 as the cryptocurrency craze escalated, or, which owner Tramall Ferguson was offered $80,000 for. That said, simply watching out for expired domains can be a useful strategy, like when former Google employee Sanmay Ved bought the domain for just $12. He later sold the domain back to the search engine behemoth for a thousandfold profit.

    Domain investing do’s and don’ts

    Like any form of investment, there are certain tips and tricks you can follow for a better chance of success. Aside from keeping an eye on current trends and expired domains, what else can help you make a profit?

    Do: invest in brandable domains

    One of the easiest ways to make money through domain flipping is to buy brandable domains that businesses will want to buy from you later down the line. There are various aspects that boost a domain’s brandability, from offering a clue about what a business does, and its uniqueness, to being clearly pronounceable and not too bizarre.

    Don’t: invest in trademarked domains

    Buying a domain featuring a company’s name could land you in hot water, consequently losing you money due to infringing trademark laws.

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