What if I buy all the Top Level extensions of a promising domain

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  1. Robin Hablani

    Robin Hablani Blue Account

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    I was wondering, if I buy all the top level extensions of a promising .com I own, would that help increasing the demand for that particular keyword...

    For example:, it's a 4 letter word, sounds brand-able, has been live since a decade..

    If I have .co, org, .net, .me, .io registered, would it help me sell it quicker or get a higher price from an investor?

    Thanks in Advance!
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  2. bmugford

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    Not really.

    If you own the .COM a bunch of inferior extensions are not going to make it more valuable, only add extra cost.

  3. gilescoley

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    I agree with Brad here, stick to owning the .COM, most companies arent interested in the rest.

    The issue you have somtimes is, if the domain really is "promising", any extensions worth regisering are often taken.
  4. Anne L.

    Anne L. Established Member

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    If it's a really good one-word dictionary domain, it's a good move to buy the .net, .org ,
    Co and .io. Most of the times, when these other .tlds are available, end-users go for the less expensive option.

    If you have a premium keyword (1) you can sell the entire .tld set as a package, or (2) you can sell the domains in different tlds at different prices or (3) you can sell the .com and develop the rest of the other tlds (since you know these other top tlds have good ranking potential, too).

    However for random letters such as your example, don't bother buying the other tlds. You can research for existing acronyms of companies or organizations and determine whether your random letters fit a .com or a .org. These are the two tlds that may go well with an acronym - only these two tlds.
  5. Robin Hablani

    Robin Hablani Blue Account

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    This seems to be a good idea, may be I register rest of the extensions and have them listed for the 2x price, this could help increase the demand and ultimately lead to the sell of .com.
  6. equity78

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    That's a terrible idea. Just a waste of money, many times domainers have offered another extension as a throw in for free and the end user has said no thank you.

    If you own a quality name that has meaning and many potential buyers owning more than one extension can make sense.

    When it's a brandable or just a random 4L no one is doing that because the buyer does not care.

    JZAX who is the buyer? No acronyms for the 4 letters. Buying the .io and marking it to $5,000 means nothing but a waste of money. There are many domains where the buyer can see the cctld or new gtld priced higher than the .com that's listed for sale. Does not increase sales, people just think the non .com owner is delusional.

    If you own a name like and could get the .co and .io sure, but it's not going to be a reg fee. You try to take options away. Still does not guarantee sale.
  7. Robin Hablani

    Robin Hablani Blue Account

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    I think you're right, it doesn't helps much, most of the end users wouldn't go for non .com domains, if they're not super premium. But still I think it can help a little...

    Users perspective: Suppose, I'm an end user, I found three most suitable keyword .coms for my business and I have to choose one. If I see one of those domains are registered in most of the TLDs, wouldn't I think, it's more promising than the other two?

    In that case, I think, it would make more sense, if I develop websites for the rest of the tlds and list them for Sale on Flippa...
  8. xynames

    xynames PRO VIP

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    The really highest end dot coms are already taken in most of their top level extensions. If the top level extensions are still all available, then your dot com might not be as high level as you think, or might have no prior sales history to speak of.

    Once a dot com, any dot com, sells for a decent price, all sorts of domainers scramble to pick up the name not only in other extensions, but in all sorts of variations with added letters, misspelled, words turned around, hyphens added, etc, thinking that the other extensions and name variations must also be valuable too. Sometimes they are right - that variations and other extensions are worth something, but more often - only the original and best dot com is of any significant value.

    Another thing is that a while back, maybe as recently as ten or fifteen years ago, businesses would try to lock up the .com .net and .org of their business name. Not so much these days - even many really big companies aren't too worried about having something parked next door in another extension.

    Take a look, for example, at amazon dot net :-P
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  9. frank-germany

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  10. othellotech

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    No, but it will make the registrar/registry a little more money at your expense.
  11. Jimmysun

    Jimmysun Established Member

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    I think it should evaluate how good the keyword is, for It's not worth to do that.

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