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What do you think of for e-commerce store?

Discussion in 'Domain Appraisal' started by Bros, .


  1. Bros

    Bros Active Member VIP

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    I bought this domain while ago and I'm starting to think that I might actually want to develop it. Do you see any issues with this name? Ideally I'd like to develop it to an e-commerce store that sells stuff for martial arts, boxing etc.
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  2. Alessandro Couteau

    Alessandro Couteau Active Member VIP

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    Great idea !

    Always nice to see an investor become the enduser ...

    With that being said, my fair evaluation,

    Mid $XXXX - High $XXXX
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  3. doubleU

    doubleU Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Agreed !
  4. ben pedri

    ben pedri Active Member VIP

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    Best brand , 5-10 grand possibly up to 30k, will email some advise
  5. Bros

    Bros Active Member VIP

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    Thanks for all the nice comments! Anyone see any negative things with using this domain for e-commerce site?
  6. yesterday

    yesterday Supportive Member NamePros Supporter

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    Slightly I do.

    It depends a bit on whether this is going to be the only ecommerce site that you do, or whether it is one of many.

    If it's just one of many sites then it is probably ok. Generic sort of name that is averagely memorable but describes a genre quite well.

    It doesn't get a particularly high number of searches and so isn't really what people look for (by definition).

    If it is a site that you are going to put your heart into then I think it is possibly a) too generic and at the same time b) too specific .

    And to explain that apparent contradiction: :)
    I noticed on flippa not so long ago a site selling martial art equipment/kit/gear and it looked like he was getting most of his money from selling training videos for different techniques featured by respected fighters. Note that it wasn't the equipment/kit/gear itself that was making the most money. So that explains why your name might be too specific. You may develop it in different directions and not want to get stuck with a name that doesn't fit your product (look at carphonewarehouse in the UK - really! there's a huge brand that is stuck with that name!)

    At the same time it might not be specific enough.
    Looking at keyword search quantities
    fighting gear < 1000
    fighting equipment < 1000
    boxing gear < 10k
    boxing equipment < 100k
    boxing gloves < 1m

    it looks like the more specific you get the more searches you get (as long as you're specific in the right direction!).So instead of fighting use boxing, instead of gear or equipment use gloves .

    And I'd say if you've been successful with it, it would be nice to have had a slightly more brand-ish name to put your life behind - but it's just opinion and I don't have facts to back it up.

    Best of luck with it whichever way you go.


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