What do endusers do?

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    I wonder what a typical enduser would do when they want to buy a domain.

    I suspect they would visit their most familiar registrar.

    And their registrar says domain is not available, but we can backorder it, if you pay 200.

    Buyer pays 200 temporarily, which would be refundable if domain can't be purchased below a price of buyer's choice.

    Then registrar hires an agent. That agent lowballs the domain at various marketplaces and try to get the domain for 150 or less. if it works:

    If the buyer cheats (or dies) there is 50 usd plus the domain as profit.

    If the buyer keep promises, the agent/registrar gets purchase price minus 150 as profit, not just 10 or 15 percent.

    I suspect this is why most domains don't sell when they could sell.

    I see stupid domains sell for 5 figures all the time. I get offers for better names for 1 percent of the time, and and maybe 1 percent of actual offer. So this would mean 10000 fold loss.

    Adding a public BIN price may not help, because some buyers don't know how to visit a domain. They just use their trusted partners to acquire a domain.

    This is not a very reasonable story, but explains some strange phenomena in domain business.
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    Many end-users (probably the majority of them) first visit the domain in question. If it has a website, they move on to the next domain they can think of.

    If the domain is for sale, most end-user don’t buy it because the price is too high for a bad name or because they are too cheap to invest or recognize how valuable the domain really is.
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    I am continuously amazed at how few buyers actually visit a domain before they buy it.

    My proof? Typically I have cheaper options on a website for buying the domain. Options that they don't use.
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    There is a tendency among a large portion of buyers in many sectors (including domains) to go for very low-priced options. Yes, there is some willingness to pay a slight premium for extra services but only to a limited extent. One can spend low four figures on the latest iPhone with accessories but there are also cellphones which sell for under $100. So while end users may be willing to pay $79-$199for a quality domain, when domains are priced four figures or higher, the sell-,through rate is much lower than in other retail sectors.
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    if it's not a reasonable story, then it can't account for, or explain, what an end user would do.


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