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I have been in the domain industry since 2003. I make a living, as we all, by finding imperfections in markets- however large or small the niche or industry may or may not be. But this past holiday season, I struck gold! The first name of my cousin, which had been registered and deleted before was available. I jump at the chance like a spider monkey! He was a jokester so this seemed appropriate.
My cousin was a make a wish foundation kid and a miraculous heart transplant recipient who passed away on December 29, 2017 after 26 years of a heart of giving. I have never in my life felt so bereft.
This post isn't meant to be somber. I am trying to figure out how to honor him through the domain name. I am a tech investor in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, under the spectrum of XR and would love inputs to what people think would be appropriate and decent.

In my situation, I own the name with full backing of his/my family.
This also has me wondering on the Black Mirror ethics of Domains, VR, AR, XR ETC in the future and rights. How about holograms?

Thank you all for your thoughtful inputs. I would love some great ethical, moral, as well as legal healthy discussions here.