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  1. Mvgranger2

    Mvgranger2 Established Member

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    Please appraise the domain Do you think it will sell for much? Any and all advice is welcome.
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  2. svede

    svede Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    What does victory wins mean? It doesn't make sense. Winning is victory. Victory doesn't win. I don't even find it a clever play on thoughts, it just plain doesn't make sense. You can't take two words and simply make them into a domain with value. $regfee
  3. james haw

    james haw Top Contributor VIP

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    I agree with svede, although there is the angle of "the wins from victories" (VictoryWins). But I see no real use for it even then, sorry :(

    I can see why you bought it, as on face value it seems to have a nice ring to it, but you have to consider beyond the words. Don't focus on "keywords only" focus on what they mean, how they can be used on a website and for what niche etc.
    And it should be as obvious as possible. If you have to start forcing it into a usage (like this could easily be a gaming blog) consider that in such scenarios there are almost endless names for such things, which makes them low value + low chance of an offer or sale.

    The keywords potential usage is most important and I cannot think of anything obvious for this one. It's worth $xx or low $xxx, but there are many names out there so it's likely you just never get a sale or offer.

    Put it on free marketplaces for a year and perhaps renew based on offers you receive (or not etc).
    Also have a good look on domain sold listings and see what two word combos are selling and for how much.

    Good luck :)
  4. Rory Ivey

    Rory Ivey Top Contributor VIP Gold Account

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    That's like saying or it defeats the purpose... One word makes the other useless.

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