Un-censorable-----Internet///Names///..on their way?

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    Full article below : quoted from Link above ^

    " San Francisco-based blockchain domains firm Unstoppable Domains has secured $4 million in a funding round backed by venture capitalist Tim Draper, co-founder Brad Kam told Cointelegraph in an email on May 23.

    Following a $730,000 seed round led by investment firm Boost VC, Unstoppable Domains has carried out a Series A round led by venture capital fund Draper Associates. The previous investment was completed in December 2018, a press release notes.

    The new investment funds will be used in the company’s mission to provide blockchain-powered uncensorable websites, as well as simple payments in major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC) and others.

    By bringing blockchain to the domains industry, Unstoppable Domains intends to “spread free speech around the world,” decentralizing domain names and websites that cannot be controlled by a third party, Draper said in the announcement.

    Unstoppable Domains also plans to incorporate blockchain domains with users’ crypto addresses. The company reportedly allows users to replace a wallet’s address with their short domain name that claims to enable simple transactions in crypto.

    Recently, electronics supplier Bosch expressed the company’s willingness to take an active position in protecting the openness of the Internet of Things against censorship. "

    Uncensorable /////////// Domains
    Uncensorable //////// Web
    Uncensored ///// Domains

    all 3 (KING)

    If anyone wants the singulars I left them ..... : )
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    This is already possible now:

    That said, nice job by the Unstoppable folks getting Tim Draper in their deal and securing some working capital to catch up with what Epik has already released and is already full operational.

    Biased censorship of lawful content is definitely an issue. The open question is whether Silicon Valley is capable of not selling out when it comes to safeguarding the integrity of decentralization.

    Anyway, good to see more innovation coming to this space. My money is on making existing domains resilient rather than forcing the adoption of tokenized domains that have no brand awareness.
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    There has been some discussion about how uncensorable these domains really are. skip to 1:30 mark...

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    I will admit .ZIL does not have the sexy ring that say a .COIN or .CRYPTO might have. Zilliqa is barely in the top 50 of What I see here are a few selling points...
    -one short memorable wallet address for multiple currencies instead of a 40-character random combination of characters for each currency
    -noncensorable websites
    -no renewal fees
    -no Whois so no UDRP filings by end users who might initiate frivolous UDRP filings
    -first right preference for the same keyword in future TLD releases
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    Probably a stupid question but,
    how is that different from .onions ? if the future of browsing will depend upon the browsers' own filtering (ie. the user will choose the content they see via browser choice) then this 'uncensored' thing is already here via tor, isn't it?
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    Hyper, From what I understand of TOR, it is largely used for hardcore illegal and immoral activities - drug trafficking, child porn, arms dealing, etc. For those who live in socialist or communist regimes, TOR could be used to avoid government censure of politically unpopular views.

    I guess the concept of Unstoppabble Domains is two-fold 1) providing a wallet shortener address and 2) allowing for uncensorable websites. However, I believe Unstoppable's target market is for those who might want to express what in the US would be considered opinion without fear of having a social media account or website taken down because it is objectionable to certain groups or critical of government policy or political leaders. The uncensorable concept could be used by those who might want to create the next Silk Road website but I don't believe they are encouraging that type of activity.

    While my understanding may be skewed, for a U.S. Citizen there is no reason to be using the TOR network as presumably people go there to do illegal things. In the US, we have freedom of speech but sometimes Facebook or a registrar might shut down a site because people don't agree with the type of content being produced.

    While it might seem far-fetched, in many places sports fans are rather extreme about their team and outright hostile toward fans of the opposing team. What if someone who was an avid fan of one team had a website which had content critical of the team owned by someone who also owned the most popular domain registrar / hosting service in that country. Imagine if this occurred in Brazil or Argentina or England where soccer fans have to be separated based on which team they are rooting for.

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