TWEETS - CAN YOU USE IT? + Nfts & advertising / branding

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    Following on from an appraisal request and jhm’s Reply ....Anyone have any thoughts on .. will companies use nfts , in whatever form, as a means of advertising. Eg I have a few Dom’s .. I would think big companies would use their brand names to market so perhaps advertising companies might use them instead? Any thoughts? Are these type of Dom’s worth pursuing? I can understand higher level like foodnft drinknft but what about lower level Dom’s?

    Tweets - I have just bought - nft, tweets nft . xyz and nft tweet .xyz . I have have looked at Tess Trademark USA and UK TM site & Trademarkia. Could someone take a look at the UK trademark site -/ and give me their thoughts. Can I not do anything with Tweetsnft ect? Is tweets off limits even if coupled with nft?

    Cheers Bob
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    May I ask you, what makes you think companies will be marketing with ''soda nft'' and ''pizza nft''? Like what is special about these combinations? Do they have high traffic volume or CPC? They are very far from exact match domains.

    Generally speaking, buying a domain for redirects will not bring you much money, to me it's rather a dead end in domaining, you can sell a few for low $$$, but no way you can survive for long with this strategy.

    And better stay away from ''tweets'' and ''twitter'', regardless whether or not you'll find them online under trademark.
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    Hi Vadim,thank you for your reply. Not sure they would but equally not sure why they would not. Nfts have already made a splash in the art world but they appear to have a role to play in advertising / marketing. There are a few articles on the subject, time will tell. Would they appeal to advertising companies as an add on with the main brand as the main event?
    At this stage £££ would be very welcome but I take your point about strategy.

    Tweet wise, yes it is a concern. People are selling their tweets as nfts for large sums so how do they do it ?

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