.tv .tv brand = Web address and how g_mail handles it

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Hi Guys,

I have noticed that for some time whenever you mention a brand that consists ".tv" in its name, it is automatically handled by g_mail as a web address.

This sometimes leads to a situation where a brand mentioned in a newsletter, eg., is linked to a page (domain name) that the company does not own, because they run their business at eg.

When you look at the source code of the message in g_mail, this brand names are not anchored, they are anchored by g_mail on-the-fly.

Which is good, because that is another good reason for running a business at .tv - the simplest and the least confusing web address. And the shortest available.

Another thing is that the editors of the vortals and these newsletters sometimes unintentionally put a dot in a examplebrand tv, making it and linked in your email. Because it is also natural for them and how they would like the brand names to be constructed - with this important dot.

From the marketing perspective, .tv names seem to be invaluable.

Have a good day,
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There are many Youtube channels titled "Keyword TV" which do not have a domain - just a Youtube channel with all their hosted content at Youtube. Sometimes I will get inquiries on my landing pages related to Youtube channels which do not own the relevant domain.