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"After having the best sales year last year and the first half of the year on fire, I removed the Make Offer functionality on almost all of my Dan.com listings under $10k. People can either buy the domain name for the list price or purchase it via payment plan.
The result for me has been far fewer negotiations, and that has made this business a bit less exciting."


The question would be, besides having far fewer negotiations, are you having the same succes, or even better results, with your new BIN prices as you had before with your Make Offer?
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Yeh BIN there SOLD that and I will OFFER this advice:

Weigh your commitments, and then balance them accordingly.

The article @News referred from has a domain investor telling his story about using bins which allowed him to focus on real-life interactions, such as family.

But then the investor goes on about feeling they were missing something on domaining. Yep, well not being open to offers on domains makes it pretty easy to close the door on that kind of "interaction".

Close one door, open another. But it doesn't have to be a zero-sum game always. When real life needs you, tend to it. When things calm down, your focus can shift back the bargaining table.

Great point by @Sutruk , if there is the same results either way, then the only thing to worry on is, where do you really want to spend your time versus where do you need to.