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    I am looking for tips to sell my domains. I have read through the posts here, I have them listed on godaddy and sedo. I know its not magic and doesn't work overnight, but can anyone give me a tip to help get me started. Also, what is landing page and should i have one? Thank you.
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    1. be patient
    2. a landing page, is the page that gives information about the name being sold
    it may have "Buy It Now Price" or (BIN) or it may include a section for visitor to submit an offer

    2a. since you have your names listed on GD and Sedo, they already have landing pages, which would be seen if a visitor clicks on your domains.

    that landing page is provided by

    that landing page is provided by

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    Depends there are plenty of people with full decks and still holding nothing. Do your domains bring traffic or are they brands if they aren't either then you possibly don't have anything worthy of big money if you know you have names of value then try develop one if things are slow.
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  4. Domains Ted

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    If domaining is your full time job, you can send outbound emails..
  5. rkolo

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    Thanks everyone. I have not had much luck, so I will just continue to be patient. lol
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    Hello and welcome to Namepros @rkolo .Its good to see that your very eager to learn (y)

    Congrats on listing your domain names at Sedo and Godaddy.You can also list your domains on Afternic (when you list your domains at Afternic the domains gets automatically listed on Godaddy also as they Afternic have partnered with Godaddy).Afternic agents also do the sales for you which again is just less work for you once you have listed your domains for sale there.

    Also you must list at which has good interface and has awesome support (not in anyway affiliated with also has very low 9% commissions and the same goes for main advantage is both and have INSTALLMENT PLANS OPTION (monthly payment option to your buyers till the full agreed price is paid which helps some small buyers purchase big priced domain names with high value to their business).Also there is a RENT OPTION feature in both and where you do just get the monthly rent from the buyer and also you keep the domain rights to yourself.The buyer with rent option uses your domain as long as he pays the monthly rents.

    So with all these features and is must to list your domain names.

    Then comes Uniregistry where you can forward your leads to their brokerage team and they finish the sale for you which is less work in selling for you.So if you want less work go with Uniregistry but their fees are a bit higher than DAN and Epik.

    Now if you want to do it all with yourself without giving out any commissions then go with (but they have a monthly/yearly fees to use their service).Efty too has lots of stuffs like Escrow integration and Paypal integration and you can collect the leads with Mailchimp Autoresponder and follow up with your potential buyers at a later time with email marketing through Mailchimp.

    Its best to list them in all the above sites.But for any big offer sales (end user offers) you must have great quality domain names on your portfolio.If you even have top notch quality domain names in your portfolio still Domaining is a long term game to be enjoyed by being calm and collected and selling it to the right buyer (end user's) to maximize your profits.

    If your domain has some traffic you can try some parking sites like and with a top banner advertising that your site is for sale.Also Afternic,Sedo,Epik, and Uniregistry too have this parking feature with site for sale banner on top but from what i have heard from fellow Namepros members is that if you are listing domain names with lots of traffic then parking with sale lander advertisement with or Voodoo,com is a good bet to earn some money more than other sites like Afternic,Sedo,Epik or Uniregistry.

    If your domain does not have much traffic it's best to go with sales lander page (pointing your name servers to DAN's after listing on's sales page lander is simple,elegant and attractive.

    Keep your self active at Namepros Domainer's community daily you will be way ahead on Domaining than those who do not follow Namepros (just my own experience).

    All the best on your Domaining endeavor

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