There are just too many garbage domain names - why?

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  1. WebInceptions

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    I'm looking at the daily drop list as I have done for many years, and as always, it's 99% garbage.

    By garbage, I don't mean ill advised business names, or a domain name obvious for a cat or for an odd opinion blog, but absolute garbage. I mean tens of thousands of domains, EVERY day, that are a near random combination of letters and numbers, sometimes with a random word embedded, and sometimes just 2 or 3 completely random words that have no meaning together.

    This has been happening for almost 2 decades, so it's not some sort of mistake, in fact I notice many of the "owners" used privacy protection.

    So what is going on? Do 99% of domain buyer have Torrett's Syndrome or something? OR... as is usually the case when sales figures exceed reasonable explanation - money laundering is taking place, or sales figures are "pumped" in order to defraud potential investors or stockholders.

    Anyone else have an explanation?
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  2. theSun

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    One man's trash is another man's treasure.
  3. bluebox

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    Verisign is pulling off TheNegariMove™ - artificially inflating .com numbers? :rolleyes:
  4. Arca

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    Most of them (probably) meant something to the person who registered them.

    Only a very small percentage of dropping names have a meaning that is clear to more than just the person who registered the name.
  5. WebInceptions

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    That makes no sense. Billions of dollars are being spent on domains that are only meaningful to the buyer?? And 99% of domains mean nothing to anyone but the buyer? Sorry, not buying that.

    I'm talking about garbage like this:
  6. Arca

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    5,848 = meaningful in Spanish (Travel deals related) = meaningful in Chinese (BaoJie) = (don't know, possibly a Chinese acronym name) = the same letter combination (whshylc) can be found in many Chinese website urls, so it doesn't seem to be just random letters, maybe an acronym for something.
  7. Kassey Lee

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    Well said.
  8. disaac81

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    It's because most people buy domain names without thinking what the uses for it could be for a business.

    And add to that, people follow so called trends like sheep and register absolute rubbish, thinking they are on to something.
  9. infosec3

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    A combination of factors play into this. Garbage names are generated, among other reasons, by:

    1. Newbie domainers who "come up with ideas" on supposedly great names to register (most of us did it at some point.

    2. @Arca comment on the meaning of names to each person who register them makes a lot of sense. There are millions registrants and thousands of language variations (languages and dialects).

    3. Probably most people behave irrationally in general and particularly when they register domain names.

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  10. lennco

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    A Domainer Thinking of a New Domain to Register....


  11. garptrader

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    Over the next several years wait and see the millions of new TLDs which will be dropping - too many aftermarket domains given the low sales ratio of most portfolios.
  12. frank-germany

    frank-germany domainer since 2001 / musician VIP

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    1) about 100.000 domains drop every day

    2) domains are not only used for webpages / business / hobby / fun

    but also:

    a) for email
    b) for redirection
    c) for file upload ( ftp )
    d) for testing
    e) for tracking
    f) for hiding

    add more...
  13. Kate

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    Probably to avoid the embarrassment :)
    Many domains were registered for low-key websites, personal blogs, or for spamming (disposable domains). When you look at ebay it's also obvious quite many people are playing lottery with domain names. And they are not putting much thought about the selection process.
  14. doc24

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    Obvious Spam reg
  15. DomainVP

    DomainVP VIP

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    The .COM zone is inflated.

    If you look hard enough, you will find the 'odd' patterns.

    For instance...

    When I was monitoring the drops last year, the numbers of drops by length were showing similar counts week-to-week.

    One two week span there were exactly the same amount of 18 character domains dropped.

    Over a six week span these numbers stayed within 150 - 300 of each other quite often.

    Which makes absolutely no sense.

    Sorting domains by length should not show similar counts week to week.

    But that's what it was showing.

    I'm very sure that the .COM zone is intentionally inflated in the "lower quality" areas where nobody tends to examine. Who else would've creating domain names so that the zone reflects a specific spread.
  16. Jon B

    Jon B Established Member

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  17. alcy

    alcy Top Contributor VIP

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    I bet it'll include the word "hot" in it hahah

    tnx for the laugh
  18. WebInceptions

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    It's roughly 80% pure obvious garbage every single day.

    Any ideas on why they are doing this?
  19. dordomai

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    There are botnets creating random domain names also.
  20. Dominium

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    Another reason could be bots, as @dordomai mentioned, or investors with a 'spray and pray' investment strategy and presumably more cash than sense.

    In the drop lists sometimes I've noticed large numbers of domains in the following patterns: [location][keyword], such as BarcelonaChimneys, NuukChimneys or IndianaCarpetRestorers, ParisCarpetRestorers. Sometimes there a hundreds of these domains which means that someone or something registered hundreds at a time!
  21. AuctionBio

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    Also add spamming with this as well
  22. AEProgram

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    when you see names that make no sense google the name in quotes, you will find it many times on some spam db, another thing you will notice now is a lot more junk names dropping that had fake PR, now that google got rid of PR many are dropping their fake PR names.

    You also must realize how many people think certain names are good names, sometimes they do so as they are happy to start a web business and they just want any name after they realize good names are taken or cost lots of money. This is a common chat with a web design company.

    Customer: Hi I want to start a website that sells pet toys
    Developer: Sure, do you have a domain yet?
    Customer: No, but my wife and I think would be a good name for our site
    Developer: Sorry but that name is taken.
    Customer: It can't be, please check again, the site shows nothing
    Developer: (explains the customer some basics about domains)
    Customer: Ok, I guess we will just settle for and maybe later branch out to non pet toys
    Developer: That name is not available
    Customer: (now gives 800 other names to check all taken)
    Customer: OK let's just go with
    Developer: WOW surprised that was available
    Customer: Quick here is my credit card ....
    Developer: Should we secure the .net, .whatever too?
    Customer: YES PLEASE, OMG you are so nice for thinking about this

    Fast forward 6 months

    Customer: Hey, me and my wife decided that we will go with the red dot from logo number 8745 and the green letters from logo 12 but please add a cat to logo 654 and mix it in with logo 3698, the logo alone can go viral.
    Developer: sure
    Customer: The rest is simple, we simply want all features Amazon has plus add the auction feature of ebay and create a few simple animations.
    Developer: well, you are asking for a very complex system, why not start with a basic shopping cart and grow your business as needed.
    Customer: My motto is go big or go home, I am ready to invest whatever it takes $500 $800 money is not an object.
    Developer: Sorry but it is beyond the scope of what I can do
    Customer: Ok, send us to logo please, my neighbors sons dog is a developer, he is very smart, the other day he hooked up our scanner is 5 minutes, I am sure he can build this in a few hours
    Developer: ok good luck

    5 years later
    2 divorces later
    16 development teams later
    4 hosting companies later
    5 SSL certificate renewals later
    1000's of dollars in domains renewals later
    42 coming soon pages later
    1 Domain appraisal certificate later
    6 flippa domain auctions later:

    The domain drops, and domainers are wondering, who the heck would register such a stupid domain name?

    The domain name is the least stupidest move these people made.

    The above happens every day of every week hundreds if not thousands of times.

    God bless these people for continuing to support so many industries with their stupidity!

    Moral of the story? Next time you see a pet with a lack of toys, blame it on web developers.
  23. scithe

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    I often feel like domaining is pretty much 90% pyramid scheme. Maybe...MAYBE 10% of domains registered will be put to use. The rest are just registered and then flipped a couple of times until the pyramid collapses and the domain expires and then they start the pyramid all over again either through drop catchers or perhaps it is left in the dirt for a bit for a domain excavator to find later.

    OMFG is available... but why not just choose instead! :P

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