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Hi, so my domain is coming up for renewal in less than a month. I'd really like to sell so I can avoid renewing it. I have it listed at about 2500 but I recently got some advice of... "it's really not worth that much" lol, so I'm ready to just let it go for cheap! I paid over 200 over the years for this, not including when i paid for hosting, so I if I could get 500, I'll be somewhat happy :). was registered on:
Thursday 25th of April 2013

- Godaddy
Godaddy estimates it at $1,028.00
Renewal Price - My yearly fee is about 20 bucks
Renewal Date - TheEyemates renews 4/26/2023
Payment Options - PayPal, cashapp, or venmo is best because I don't know of any other places
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