The world's richest man has changed! This is his turn now.

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    According to the report, on October 27th, Amazon's stock rose sharply, Jeff Bezos’ fortune rising to 93.8 billion dollars.
    Bill Gates, who has been the world's richest man since 2013, was worth $88.5 billion on the day, surpassing Bezos and taking second place on the richest man's list.
    When Bezos started his business in 1994, amazon was just an online bookstore. Twenty-three years later, Bezos has created a business empire.
    Amazon is now an e-commerce and cloud computing company that covers not only retail but also e-books, publishing, film and television, music, tablets, software, artificial intelligence, big data and Internet.
    In addition, Bezos will also acquire or invest in other companies to expand his business scope. On 16th June, 2017, when Amazon acquired Whole Foods, which sells organic food for $ 13.7 billion in cash, which led directly to the recent increase in Amazon's stock price.
    It is worth mentioning that Amazon attaches great importance to the protection of domain names, they registered,, and other domain names that related to their brands and projects , the number of domain names that Amazon registered reached more than 2,000.
    But Mr. Bezos's wealth ranking is tied to the rise in amazon's stock.How long does he sit on the throne of the world's richest man?
    The world's richest man will be replaced, the world's new generic toplevel domain names are also rapidly developing.
    Maybe. top domains one day will reach. com domains height and replace .com.
    let's wait and see.
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