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As new demands came from how the internet was used, domain names were created to match. For example, with the introduction of internet access via mobile devices, .mobi was created, and when the Asia-Pacific region’s internet usage grew substantially, .asia was created in 2005. Large companies took notice of the value of these registered strings of characters, and in 2012 ICANN enabled businesses to apply for their own domain names. At present, 496 companies possess these, with examples ranging from .bmw for the automobile company all the way through to .sky for the television and broadband provider.

Recently, ICANN announced that there will be a second round of issuing brand names, currently penciled in for 2026, presenting new opportunities for businesses to register their own piece of internet space. And, in a sense, Postel’s vision for a decentralized internet was realized, as in 2016 ICANN ended its contract with the U.S. government and the organization transitioned to the global internet community.

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.mobi, .asia, .bmw, .sky

The 1st para reads like a domainer's horror story.
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I think asia is ok but Chinese and others prefer a com