The Recent Brand Bucket Fiasco Cheapens All Domains

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Does Brand Bucket Do More Damage Than Good For Our Industry?

  1. BB Does Damage To The Domain Industry

  2. BB Benefits The Domain Industry

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  1. DomainVP

    DomainVP VIP

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    What a mess...

    If you have been following the top domain news of the last day you probably have come across this thread where a seller had listed a name in an auction here on NP and also on the Brand Bucket (BB) platform.

    it was handled the best way it could be by the seller.

    The seller did the right thing, and wouldn't chuck his rep in the garbage over a few grand. There is always another sale, and another opportunity around the corner.

    The Problem At Hand...

    I do think this overall story sends a damaging message to the entire "end user" (domain buyer) community buying on the BB platform... forget buying domains at BB, these same domains are being sold on NP for $10 instead of $2300.

    It's counter intuitive to list a domain for $2300 on one platform and then have it for sale here on a forum for $10 dollars.

    So is the domain worth $2300 or $10?

    BB cheapens the whole industry of domaining by taking $8.95 hand registrations, or $20 closeouts, and 'accepting' them to the platform placing a $2300 price tag on them. Meanwhile right beside these junk domains are excellent names that may have cost $300+ to acquire yet BB has set the max price to something idiotic like $1900.

    GTFO >:(

    We know most of these accepted domains are $8.95 domains, which is why people are more than happy to buy them here on the forum for a $10 to $20 pittance.

    I'm not sure what is worse in this situation, the sellers of BB listed domain names listing them here for $10 or the fact that Krell & Co. accept garbage names just to make money on the listing fees.

    What are you thoughts on what I am saying? Am i wrong? Am I right? What needs to change to fix this price discrepancy and level of acceptance on both platforms?

    Mods: Please allow the members to discuss this and work on some ideas. Maybe it will cause a positive evolution within BB, or maybe it will foster and idea here within the forum. Dumping/moving threads to a corner of banishment because of a justified opinion of BB does no good to anyone. Thank you.
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  2. Casey L

    Casey L Top Contributor VIP

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    For the names that eventually sell, it's almost like a game of musical chairs. Impatient domainers let their brandables go for $20 on NP and pass them along until the music stops and someone hits the jackpot
  3. hookbox

    hookbox Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    The game is to take advantage of domainers and list their junk names for 10 bucks and place that junk right next much better names at the same price point to make the cream rise to the top.
  4. equity78

    equity78 Top Member TheDomains Staff PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    There are many ways to look at this IMO, the poll question makes the decision binary. IMO it's a lot more complicated than a 1 or a 0.

    First off there are people who have made good money using BrandBucket, If it was a good experience for them that's what matters. The domaining landscape is global, it's easy for a bunch of financially stable domainers in NYC or Berlin or Grand Cayman to say my bar bill on Friday night is $1,000. But for someone in a third world country or someone down on their luck in a G-8 nation that $1,000 is a big deal.

    Secondly no one owes anyone anything in this business other than to be honest, BrandBucket is a private company if what they do is working for them they have a right to move on their business plan. I believe they should operate within the law, they should not mislead customers and they should provide them with insight to help them try to succeed on their platform. I think they are above board on those three points. There is also some hate in this business and on this forum for BrandBucket. Some try to make their opinion to be fact. No it's just your opinion.

    No one has to use them, it's kind of like when Zuckerberg said to Narendra in the Social Network." If you invented Facebook you would have invented Facebook"

    "If everyone hates BrandBucket then no one will use BrandBucket" People are using BrandBucket so it doesn't suck for everyone.

    Now are some newcomers too caught up in thinking BrandBucket can work magic ? They turn handregs into a stack of hundred dollar bills ? Probably.

    The game changed if we are too be honest, like everything in domaining, when Yun Ye was drop catching the whole freaking world wasn't drop catching.

    When everyone selling on BrandBucket was happy there were not that many names on there But once the masses hear, "There's gold in them that hills" The floodgates open. And like @hookbox was the first to mention they started to like those $10 listing fees and grew the business very fast.

    I see where you are coming from with the names showing $20 here and $2,300 there. If I ran BrandBucket (I don't) and shared their philosophy (I don't) with exclusivity and 30% commission, I would not allow names to be traded here because of the contrast you pointed out.

    Every domain niche needs a wholesale market, brandables are not the only niche where someone has names listed for 1000 x and are selling here for x.

    It has happened over the years for, and on down the line.

    I have purchased names here and sold them to end users as I am sure you have and many members have.

    You need a wholesale market and by spending the time and putting the effort in domain investors are able to reap the rewards of buying low and selling high, sometimes really high.

    There are plenty of businesses that you walk into where as a consumer you don't know what the business knows, don't belong to their forums or communities. I had a friend who made a fortune with perfume, they were privy to things such as dumps, bulk buys, private communities that no woman walking into Macy's would have access to.

    It's part of any business, look even at the wholesale level there are people who make more because they are willing to spend the time that someone else cannot or will not make.

    BrandBucket has it's place, it's not for everyone or for every name.

    Look I never used them, but as I wrote more and more about brandables and more people came to me for advice or a comment, I felt I had to participate, so I bought a 28 domain portfolio here on Namepros.

    I only wanted 3 names and knew I only needed to give BrandBucket 30 days, I can sell some of them to customers for a profit but below the BrandBucket suggested price. I honestly don't care what BrandBucket thinks of the names I submit to them, it's a game for me honestly. It's a point of reference, they valued that at $2,000 or they did not accept that name, it's all just data points.

    I don't agree with the BrandBucket way on all things that they do. I don't believe in exclusivity, or 30% commission without transparency of where marketing dollars are being spent. I do recognize however that Margot has had success Michael Krell and JimJammy have had success, and several other Namepros members.

    If you got the time, money and patience you don't need BrandBucket at all, those people test with names that mean nothing to them.

    If you like domain trading as a hobby, and have a full time job, spouse, children, other hobbies, BrandBucket is a decent deal.

    Again IMO
  5. Grego85

    Grego85 Fire.Horse

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    I just assume all brandable names are worth $10 or less, until someone happens to be willing to pay more for it. That is for made up word brandables of course.
  6. bludex

    bludex Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    150 was once worth $10. Today such a name could be found at BB for $1900 or on another market for $99000.
  7. comati

    comati Established Member

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    "it was handled the best way it could be by the seller"
    what he did is against BB TOS and NP rules, what he got is "Doron Vermaat is a stand up guy"
    ... no comment :)

    "I do think this overall story sends a damaging message to the entire "end user" (domain buyer) community buying on the BB platform"
    BB buyers are not a community and they are mostly clueless when it comes to domain names, i don't think that are many NP users buying at BB ... if I'm wrong show yourself, there is no shame :)))

    "So is the domain worth $2300 or $10?"​
    like in every case, is worth the price that someone is willing to pay. BB domains are over priced and some people still buy them ... same with nike shoes, same with iphones, etc. A bottle of tequila in the supermarket will cost you about the same as a tequila shot in the club ... you can rant for hours about how you got your "brand" from BB at any startup meeting, what can you say by your hand reg. to look cool ... just now I read on this forum that Morgan Linton is not really a domainer because he used a hand reg. domain for his business
  8. frank-germany

    frank-germany domainer since 2001 / musician VIP

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    I am always selling $8.95 usd names for a few thousands or more if I can

    I can't see any reason
    whats wrong with it

    sometimes I have to renew them
    lets say 10 times
    that makes them $89.50 usd names
    are they better now?????

    just because I spend only $8.95 usd that says nothing
    absolutely nothing
    about the value of that domain

    I just sold a domain for about 2000 €
    which I bought for $20 usd
    is it worth $20 usd or 2000 € ?

    what a stupid question.
    in reality it was worth
    at least $25K or more
    but buyer was a private guy
    and I wanted some cash

    still there is no clue about the value of that domain
    in these facts
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