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Geo domains — domains with exact match spelling to geographic locations, such as cities and countries — have long been around and been considered to be quite lucrative investments for flippers, investors, and developers.

From Elliot Silver to Michael Cyger to Skip Hoagland to Josh Metnick to Toby Hardy to Fred Mercaldo to David and Michael Castello, there is not a shortage of folks who have realized profitable success investing and developing geo domains.

While it’s not likely for the common domain investor to happen upon a geo domain these days without deep pockets, there are numerous opportunities for those willing to dig deep to flip or develop partial-match geo or geo service domains for hyperlocal, local and regional businesses spanning varying geographic locations.

Tune into my latest podcast as I share with you my own experience with geo service domains, and whether or not they’re worth the time and money to invest in.
A large city geo plus real estate domain seems like an obvious desirable brand name from a domainer viewpoint. But real estate agencies just don't see the value unless they registered such names twenty years ago. How much is the average real estate sale in their market? What commission do they make on each sale? How many properties are they marketing on an annual basis? How many other agencies compete in their market? How much do they spend on advertising - billboards, print advertising, tv, radio, PPC? But hey often choose something like