Just wanted to make a thread for Korean domainers to come and say hello and identity themselves are Korean.


1. do you live in Korea?
2. If not then where do you live now?
3. Do you speak and read Korean?
4. would you be willing to broker domains to Koreans?
5. Have you sold domains in Korea?
6. How do Koreans feel about .com vs. .co.kr and .kr?

Anyone else here feel free to do a Q&A with Koreans.

Would be nice to know some Korean speaking domainers living in Korea.

I'd like to get in contact with companies like Samsung or LG or SBS.

It's so difficult to finally get in contact with them and the language barrier is just too great to overcome. Try getting transferred over to an executive and the reason you have is because you want to sell their company a domain? lol It's like pulling teeth.

Would also like someone to just help me get Naver monthly search engine volume for specific keywords or keyword sets.
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