The nations of the .Amazon want the name back

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    Online retail giant Amazon and the governments of eight South American countries have been given a final deadline to reach an agreement over how to use the ".amazon" web address extension after a seven-year dispute. What will happen next?


    It's a name that evokes epic proportions: the world's largest rainforest; a global tech company; and now a diplomatic saga nearing its end.

    This is the battle of the Amazon and it starts back in 2012.

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body that polices the world wide web's address system, decided to expand its list of generic top-level domains (gTLD) - the bit that comes after the dot in a web address.

    The new rules allowed companies to apply for brand new extensions, offering internet users and businesses more ways to personalise their website name and addresses.

    But eight countries containing the Amazon rainforest objected to the retail giant's plans concerning the new .amazon domain name.

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    I thought this was settled already?

    Seriously though .. I hate to side with Amazon on this one, but Amazon isn't a legal territory .. therefore if the countries in question really genuinely wanted to use it as a "brand", they should have bid for it.

    Heck .. even if they lost the bid to Amazon I would have been on their side to a certain degree .. but I think what Amazon proposed is actually a very good offering.

    This is more about money than it is culture.

    If it was .Brazil I would 100% understand .. even .SouthAmerica .. but .Amazon?

    In fact .. if they really genuinely had issues .. they should have filed a protest against itself 20 years ago! Now it's just a simple money grab!

    Take the deal!
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    I'm pretty sure Amazon is doing these nations a favor. Seriously, what are they going to do with it - besides bankrupt it? They all have their own ccTLDs, anyway.
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    damn they should make a bit of money out of this :D can you still buy .amazon?

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